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webcam - click for full size

bronson comet lighter - back in brown

Out now! Desertör "Christers Blues" b/w "En Dags Pause". 100 copies. 100 NOK. DES-SYV-1. Layout by Ole Peko Sørensen. Red vinyl. Printed inner-sleeve. Hand-numbered. A-side from the forthcoming Desertör album "Vol. 2". B-side exclusive to this vinyl single. A-side also available on digital outlets.
"Christer's Blues" front

Silentlab EP

Howlin' of the Wolf single

"Silentlab - "Sundays" EP promo" music video. By MC Peko.

I as slave extra on NRK Anno 1700.

Arctica / Antarctica live! at The SOUND of Music 07-11-2015. By MC Peko.

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X Latest news:
06-11-2017 06:21:42: There's a new DJ Peko page in the works.
12-10-2017 19:22:01: Surprise Howlin' of the Wolf trio mini concert!
29-09-2017 08:50:56: Digipak mockup in Photoshop thing of forthcoming A/A Vol. 1. Very handy tool.
19-09-2017 23:13:12: 10.000 plays on SoundCloud! I also need 52 more followers, so I can name my greatest hits album "150 Peko Fans Can't Be Wrong".
10-09-2017 01:24:44: Great Bronson Comet Lighter rehearsal on Friday. Great Howlin' of the Wolf rehearsal yesterday. Working on Desertör digi-single visuals. The Ghostly Ravens rehearsal on Monday with concert at Greenhouse on this coming Saturday.

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30-09-2017 23:13:02: an_hour_to_myself
21-08-2017 21:18:12: awesomeness
21-08-2017 21:11:59: 7_billion_hearts_beating_as_one
21-08-2017 21:00:11: space_cops
01-10-2016 22:30:04: break_my_rules
01-10-2017 07:18:36: an_hour_to_myself
21-08-2017 21:18:26: awesomeness
21-08-2017 21:11:29: 7_billion_hearts_beating_as_one
21-08-2017 21:00:39: space_cops
11-08-2017 03:25:22: cannabidol
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20-01-2016 00:51:50: some_funky_shit_01
20-01-2016 00:51:49: some_funky_shit_02
20-06-2015 10:50:00: girl_power_01
20-06-2015 10:50:00: girl_power_02
05-06-2015 02:25:32: in_the_dead_of_night_01
25-08-2017 04:12:21: some_funky_shit
02-10-2016 16:33:47: dont_let_the_devil_get_the_best_of_you
02-10-2016 16:33:46: break_my_rules
02-10-2016 16:33:46: riding_in_my_spaceship
30-07-2015 09:52:37: are_the_spaceships_gone
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16-10-2017 19:13:59: 03-01-2016_01
24-11-2015 15:19:17: 07-11-2015_01
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16-06-2015 10:32:24: 14-06-2015_03
16-06-2015 10:32:24: 14-06-2015_05
19-10-2016 21:12:24: horn
13-08-2016 19:38:37: tone_binded_quarter
13-08-2016 19:38:31: tone_binded_half
13-08-2016 19:38:16: letter_o_slash
13-08-2016 19:38:16: letter_a_ring

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