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Flamenco Peko Guestbook
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16 entries
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X Name: Mc Peko
X Date: 12-05-2013 03:36:03
Guestbook and form now have more similar layout. Not finished. But better.
X Name: Mc Peko
X Date: 09-05-2013 19:21:28
Guestbook is slightly better implemented now. And included in the play-loop. Next entry should kick in the pagination. Be the one!
X Name: Julie Elise
X Date: 05-05-2013 19:06:49
Hi! Great lyrics, beautiful friend. Much cool stuff here. It was lovely to finally visit your new studio / appartment. Really nice place. Wish you all the best. Love & Peace. Swag out.
X Name: John
X Date: 03-05-2013 14:37:10
Pease and love:)
X Name: Mc Peko
X Date: 11-04-2013 00:04:16
Admin issue fixed. :) Thanks to cogo and zicada!

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