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DJ Peko

I play with NI Traktor Pro on a laptop, and Pioneer XDJ-R1 as controller. I always bring my entire music collection, mostly FLAC files, on SSD. I can provide eclectic sets or specific ones in genres like reggae, electro-blues, hip hop and rock. Requests in advance are super welcome. Whilst I'm playing, not so much. If you some tracks you'd like me to spin, please send them on over. I've played at places like MÄnefestivalen, Greenhouse, BlÄ Grotte, Lille Cambus, Teglhuset, Fjellheim Samfunnshus, Manstad Vel, Kulturhuset and Dampen Pub. I'm not good at beat-mixing yet, so I cannot play a nonstop house party gig. But I do use effects, cuts, some scratch, loops, and stuff like that. I'm super allergic to played out tracks. I usually include some local releases, rare or even exclusive tracks and previews of my own tracks. I play mostly very danceable music. There's a DJ Peko t-shirt out on Peko Wear.

DJ setup

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