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X help // what you can do to support your local locos

Love us so much, you just want to contribute in every imaginable way and need some direction? This is the page for just that! Read on. We'll return your kindness.

Use the site.
Idle it in play mode.
Click Facebook like button on front-page.
Sign guestbook.
Donate money via PayPal.
Buy records and stuff. (You'll kind of have to drop by the studio for now.)
Spread the word.
Install our wallpapers and screensaver on every computer-screen out there.
Report bugs, typos, suggest improvements, request stuff, complain.
Send us photos, videos, articles, links, etc. (of us).
Show up at gigs.
Document gigs.
Wear your Peko button proud.
Wear Peko Wear.
Suggest solutions to stuff on the known issues page.
Type missing lyrics and chords from scans.
Hug me when you see me.

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