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Welcome! Here's the X webcam broadcasting from the secret Flamenco Peko headquarters:

webcam - click for full size

bronson comet lighter - back in brown

Out now! Desertör "Christers Blues" b/w "En Dags Pause". 100 copies. 100 NOK. DES-SYV-1. Layout by Ole Peko Sørensen. Red vinyl. Printed inner-sleeve. Hand-numbered. A-side from the forthcoming Desertör album "Vol. 2". B-side exclusive to this vinyl single. A-side also available on digital outlets. Also: Live in concert at St. Croix huset this Saturday!
"Christer's Blues" front

Silentlab EP

Howlin' of the Wolf single

"Silentlab - "Sundays" EP promo" music video. By MC Peko.

I as slave extra on NRK Anno 1700.

Arctica / Antarctica live! at The SOUND of Music 07-11-2015. By MC Peko.

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X Latest news:
11-05-2017 00:05:32: bronson comet lighter - "back in brown" is out! Vinyl, live, printed inner-sleeve, stereo, 33,3 RPM, eight tracks, 300 copies. Turned out sooo good. :) Release date: 08-05-2017. Price 150 NOK. Posters, flyers, updates to various web-sites, etc. is in the works.
11-05-2017 00:03:36: Great Howlin' of the Wolf session at Jan's place today. Recording bass. Great Silentlab session yesterday at Marie's place. Planning video.
29-03-2017 20:10:12: bronson comet lighter album test press just arrived! Listening with Gard right now. Sounds great! :)
22-03-2017 00:04:05: Yes! There's now an "Appears on" release on my Spotify profile!
19-03-2017 03:52:10: Great Arctica / Antarctica concert at Blå Grotte Saturday 04-03-2017. In post-production for CD and YouTube release. Got so much cool stuff to tell you all about. Awesome stuff happening every day. Will try to write here more often. Follow me on Facebook, YouTube, Zenly, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc. for more news and stuff.

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01-10-2016 22:30:04: break_my_rules
16-04-2016 15:24:24: god_didnt_have_no_mercy_on_me_yesterday
16-04-2016 15:22:32: 7_billion_hearts_beating_as_one
18-02-2016 20:26:11: im_gonna_be_there_with_you
17-02-2016 23:10:34: i_am_the_vampire
01-10-2016 22:29:50: break_my_rules
16-04-2016 06:39:48: some_funky_shit
19-02-2016 00:23:47: i_got_me_a_band
18-02-2016 20:22:49: im_gonna_be_there_with_you
17-02-2016 23:10:39: i_am_the_vampire
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20-01-2016 00:51:50: some_funky_shit_01
20-01-2016 00:51:49: some_funky_shit_02
20-06-2015 10:50:00: girl_power_01
20-06-2015 10:50:00: girl_power_02
05-06-2015 02:25:32: in_the_dead_of_night_01
02-10-2016 16:33:47: some_funky_shit
02-10-2016 16:33:47: dont_let_the_devil_get_the_best_of_you
02-10-2016 16:33:46: break_my_rules
02-10-2016 16:33:46: riding_in_my_spaceship
30-07-2015 09:52:37: are_the_spaceships_gone
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16-06-2015 10:32:24: 14-06-2015_03
16-06-2015 10:32:24: 14-06-2015_05
19-10-2016 21:12:24: horn
13-08-2016 19:38:37: tone_binded_quarter
13-08-2016 19:38:31: tone_binded_half
13-08-2016 19:38:16: letter_o_slash
13-08-2016 19:38:16: letter_a_ring

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