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Date: 29-03-2017 20:10:12
bronson comet lighter album test press just arrived! Listening with Gard right now. Sounds great! :)

Date: 22-03-2017 00:04:05
Yes! There's now an "Appears on" release on my Spotify profile!

Date: 19-03-2017 03:52:10
Great Arctica / Antarctica concert at Blå Grotte Saturday 04-03-2017. In post-production for CD and YouTube release. Got so much cool stuff to tell you all about. Awesome stuff happening every day. Will try to write here more often. Follow me on Facebook, YouTube, Zenly, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc. for more news and stuff.

Date: 02-03-2017 18:44:37
Made an Arctica / Antarctica backdrop video today. Here's a teaser photo.

Date: 25-02-2017 18:16:27
Rehearsed a new song with Howlin' of the Wolf today: "Kickin' the bucket". The riff-master in this band is crazy. Genius, funny and super kind. And crazy. ;) I think he knows of one or two secret occult scales. I'm becoming a better bass player. That is for sure. Our records can now be bought at Retro Vinyl in Sarpsborg. Jan's Greed Studios is upgraded with a brand new fresh computer. Huge upgrades. Next album is coming along great. Probably out in 2018.

Date: 25-02-2017 18:14:22
IDM UltraEdit 24 is out! I'm a beta tester on this application. And on UltraFTP, coming later this year. UltraFTP is getting better every day. You'll fall in love when you see it. This is so much fun! :)

Date: 25-02-2017 18:09:35
Don't miss out on Arctica / Antarctica at Blå Grotte. One week from today. 100 / 150 kr. First 2017 Peko gig!

Date: 27-01-2017 00:54:05
Nice Howlin' of the Wolf and Silentlab rehearsals going on. Also beta testing for IDM is going great! We're at UE 24 RC1 and UFTP Client Beta 3.

Date: 17-01-2017 21:24:34
Peko Publishing is now on Facebook. I'm working on a book and some book-like things, so I made a logo and secured a URL and such. Preview of "The Science Of BPM" draft front cover is out.

Date: 12-01-2017 11:48:08
Painted two paintings yesterday. Never done that before. The series is called "Anti Abstract" Sikaflex on cotton. 1m x 1m. You can see them here on Instagram.

Date: 08-01-2017 16:41:43
Also having myself a little Silentlab Sunday. Rehearsing the EP in case I get to play with Marie on a gig. Marie did a solo micro closed party gig before Christmas btw. Big applause. Lots of CDs sold. :)

Date: 08-01-2017 15:15:52
Desertör single layout snapshot!

Date: 07-01-2017 17:13:14
First 2017 Wolf rehearsal today. Quite a good one too. Ready to rock on!

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