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Date: 21-11-2018 02:13:01
Great Desertör session with Jon today! Working on the DES 2 sleeve. Here's a photo on Instagram.

Date: 03-11-2018 17:39:25
Also great Howlin' of the Wolf rehearsal today. Esben sounds as good as ever! :)

Date: 03-11-2018 17:37:01
Great Bronson Comet Lighter recording yesterday, with Henrik and Andre. We now have a Facebook page!

Date: 28-10-2018 21:57:25
Phat bronson comet lighter session here yesterday. Including guests! We're adding some extra instruments for this new album. Next level Manstad lo-fi!

Date: 02-10-2018 17:19:02
Extreme network upgrades at Focus Studios including the whole building. Here's a photo of the router I just hooked up. And we now have gigabit fiber from BroadNet.

Date: 22-09-2018 14:49:57
Fantastic Fredrikstadbandfestivalen event at St. Croix huset last Saturday! (One week ago.) Howlin' of the Wolf played three songs. "Cradle to coffin", "Backstabber" and "Doomsday Prepping". This was the first Wolf show with our amazing new drummer, the legendary Andre Gøtz Olsen of Bronson Recordings fame! You can buy the book and poster at Focus Studios and several other outlets. It's an amazing display of local bands from the last 30 years. Huge project. Lots of reunions. And actually, a lot more to come!

Date: 30-08-2018 00:04:51
Three fun days on the set of HBO's Beforeigners being an extra! Lots of details incoming on the IMDb page. Shout-out to Løkka Casting.

Date: 21-08-2018 23:08:50
Howlin' of the Wolf and probably Flamenco Peko are playing at Fredrikstadbandfestivalen at St. Croix huset Saturday 15-09-2018! More bands, mostly reunions, will be announced shortly.

Date: 04-08-2018 18:38:42
Fantastic and wild Månefestivalen this year! We played a full Silentlab concert, and I was DJ Peko and mixed all the concerts and more every day. I should be writing way, way more on this news page. And I shall, but keep up to date with everything we do on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. Bless!

Date: 13-07-2018 02:22:32
Debut digi-single from The Ghostly Ravens is out now. I did the front cover. Nikon D750 cam at the band's rehearsal place. "The Chaser" c/w "1995 - 1988".

Date: 08-07-2018 02:51:02
That was a great DJ Peko gig at the Månefestivalen kick off pre party thing this evening! :) Got a new gig too. That one is 07-09-2018 for the Måneproduksjoner 10th year anniversary . Big thanks for help, food, drink, dancing, hugs, driving, money and love.

Date: 02-06-2018 04:41:33
Silentlab live at Quarteret today!

Date: 30-04-2018 18:08:29
Back online with new modem after a week offline!

Date: 11-03-2018 22:11:54
Great Howlin' of the Wolf rehearsal couple of days ago. We did "Cradle to coffin" from the first album. Never tried that one before. Great to have a new tune in the setlist.

Date: 25-02-2018 06:54:07
All JPG files are now re-rendered as PNG files. Enjoy a much prettier site! No more lossy images.

Date: 14-02-2018 23:53:26
New Desertör poster is ready.

Date: 12-02-2018 19:31:38
Fantastic Ring concert in Oslo! I have 12 copies of the split album. 150 kr. I play on two tracks: "UFO" and "Tanker Og Spill". Very, very cool stuff.

Date: 04-02-2018 19:25:02
The title track "UFO" from Filip Ring Andersen Thenderup's new split album is out now! On video! By Ørjan Amundsen. And the vinyl is out today as well! The almighty Ring on vocals and guitar. Other instruments by me. Written by Ring. And the boys are playing at Hærverk, Oslo on Thursday. (Same building as Hausmania.) I'll be there as well. Dreams come true...

Date: 18-01-2018 16:07:36
We're in Atlanta. Recording video, writing, living... Good times! Follow on Instagram etc

Date: 12-01-2018 23:34:26
Nice crowded gig. Silentlab at Quarteret 12-01-2018 00 Intro 01 Sailor's Waltz 02 Blue As You 03 Blister In The Sun 04 The Sea, You And Me 05 The Day We Spent In Spain 06 Twice As Old 07 Lonesome Town 08 Hey, Hey, Goodbye 08 In The Cold, Cold Night Reprise / encores: 09 Sailor's Waltz 10 Lonesome Town 11 In The Cold, Cold Night

Date: 07-01-2018 12:06:31
Happy new year! We're playing as Silentlab at Quarteret on Friday!

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