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Date: 31-12-2013 01:25:45
Happy new year all. Putting up 2014 news page now.

Date: 31-12-2013 00:42:58
Funky background color hover toggle added to certain tables.

Date: 30-12-2013 08:18:54
Couple of brand new tunes out on SoundCloud. Free streaming.

Date: 28-12-2013 05:49:08
Total playing time added to songs and covers.

Date: 28-12-2013 03:28:11
Wrote a simple guide on how to play may songs.

Date: 27-12-2013 20:15:29
Nice gig at Månen yesterday. Thanks everyone! So lovely to see you all. Photos soon come.

Date: 26-12-2013 01:42:13
BPM columns on songs and covers pages now has a background value bar. Even coded it myself. Will be added to more columns like size, time and copies.

Date: 24-12-2013 02:53:47
Song 24 of Esben's Christmas calendar is "Christmas greed". A brand new recording, not found on the album. Mastering (and title) by me.

Date: 23-12-2013 17:44:11
Howlin' of the Wolf on NRK P3 also tonight with Harald Are from 21:03.

Date: 23-12-2013 04:17:56
Phantoms promo / info also here and here.

Date: 21-12-2013 21:23:13
Started an article on an upcoming 10th anniversary Lost event in Hawaii.

Date: 20-12-2013 16:04:26
Upgraded DJ setup with over-voltage protection and 64 GB USB 3 stick. Recording room upgraded with a lamp! And as usual big ups to Georgi for fixing guitars and cables and what not.

Date: 19-12-2013 20:02:22
Mastered a new Howlin' of the Wolf song. Stay tuned.

Date: 19-12-2013 19:59:32
The Phantoms posters and flyers are out. Thanks Jimmy. Turned out very good.

Date: 17-12-2013 13:35:49
I've made a poster / flyer for the Phantoms gig. It's being printed now.

Date: 16-12-2013 21:32:35
Howlin' of the Wolf live on P3 now!

Date: 16-12-2013 03:49:23
Making pages for gigs. First one up: 13-12-2013. Photos and videos will eventually also be found on these pages. Lots of stuff to work out, but I feel we have a system in the works.

Date: 15-12-2013 23:30:35
Continued download distribution work for "Backfire madness" with Jan.

Date: 15-12-2013 02:00:57
Filmed for Skranglebein today at the Valkyrien Allstars & Afenginn på Oscarteateret event.

Date: 14-12-2013 02:39:20
Great Lucia event. Details and photos tomorrow.

Date: 12-12-2013 22:28:50
Flyer version of the "Backfire madness" poster is out as well.

Date: 12-12-2013 10:45:38
Also I'll be DJ Peko from 23:50 to 01:15 tomorrow. Same place.

Date: 10-12-2013 20:27:18
Promo / distro trip to Oslo with Esben for "Backfire madness" tomorrow. We'll be like walking around with a bag with CDs and posters. Catch us if you can. 100 kr a piece. The band have been seen willingly signing copies and answering fan questions lately.

Date: 10-12-2013 20:22:39
Lots of cool details at Kunstresespsonen. See you in white on Friday.

Date: 09-12-2013 14:21:53
DJ-bag and materials for building DJ-table in da house. Many thanks to father for driving and getting things done.

Date: 07-12-2013 21:05:50
Workin' for the Wolf. Scanned today's newspaper clipping from Demokraten. Visited "Greed" Studios (first time there). Very good session. Safe to say, quite a few things are happening for the band. Also you should follow Esben's Christmas calendar (julekalender) on Facebook.

Date: 07-12-2013 07:23:41
And some politics: One Planet - One Language group page is up to speed with, cover photo, updated description, icon, tags, and more. Talk English. It's logical.

Date: 06-12-2013 10:39:52
Made a stopwatch. Simple. Functional. JavaScript. Open source.

Date: 05-12-2013 06:56:55
Covered Hornorkesteret's "Ikke gravlegg meg her" in English as "Don't Bury Me Here". Lyrics, chords and drawing added to covers page.

Date: 04-12-2013 17:38:26
Interview with Esben Roos on Radio Prime Fredrikstad tomorrow morning between 08:30 - 09:30. CD now also available in Sarpsborg Storsenter.

Date: 04-12-2013 07:21:39
Kunstresepsjonen event page is up and poster is out.

Date: 03-12-2013 09:29:00
Wrote a simple rider.

Date: 02-12-2013 23:07:53
Great Howlin' of the Wolf session also today. Posters are out in A4 and A3. We're logically doing promotion and distribution. Did a new band photo shoot today as well. We're bouncing around ideas and stuff in the studio. Super thanks to Jonas Qvale for all kinds of input and help. Such a nice man. Yes, things are happening. Yes, it feels good. I can now confirm that the CD-text we put in the so called DDP is indeed on the disc, and working perfectly without typos or other uncoolness.

Date: 02-12-2013 22:51:57
I'm spinning before and after The Phantoms concert, presented by Månen at Teglhuset, Gamlebyen, Thursday 26-12-2013. I'll serve up good-vibes danceable ska and reggae, with a little hip hop towards the end of the night, through today's investment, the Pioneer XDJ-R1. CC: 250 kr. We play from 19:00 to 01:00. DJ Peko is back. Jah bless. Big ups to Vertz for driving duties. And respect to SoundShop, Moss for keeping it real with a real physical music store. Great demo room, very cool people. And thanks to the man himself, Jimmy Olsen for the gig. This player/mixer thing is also to some degree capable of controlling NI Traktor, so I'm practicing a lot on that again as well. Check out The Phantoms if you're ska. These Måne events tend to sell out these days, so buying ticket right about now is good move.

Date: 02-12-2013 07:50:14
Added very simple and approximate studio layout drawing to Focus Studios page. To be refined.

Date: 30-11-2013 23:58:50
Got me a DJ headset again. Pioneer HDJ-1000. Heavily into making ska / reggae playlist tonight. Asked to spin a gig in December. Details when it's a done deal.

Date: 30-11-2013 23:47:45
Here's the poster I made. I'm just that good.

Date: 30-11-2013 05:23:02
You can now listen to and buy Howlin' of the Wolf - "Backfire madness" on Bandcamp. Poster and flyer is in the making.

Date: 29-11-2013 14:47:49
Howlin' of the Wolf - "Backfire madness" released today. Added to discography. Available at Playcom, Østfoldhallene, Focus Studios and more places to come. Photos hitting the web now.

Date: 28-11-2013 19:33:14
Picking up "Backfire madness" at Tunes Printing, Oslo tomorrow.

Date: 27-11-2013 22:51:00
I'm playing on Kunstresepsjonen's Lucia event on Blå Grotte, Friday the thirteenth. With RAMAproject, Origami Antarktika and more.

Date: 23-11-2013 02:07:09
You can now order your very own Peko song! For now the price is only 2.000,- NOK. Read the new page for details.

Date: 17-11-2013 14:30:04
Was at Rama Project rehearsal at Nebbet. Took some photos.

Date: 15-11-2013 17:23:01
I'm filming for Skranglebein at Stor Overraskelse med Stian Carstensen & Svein Rønning på Oscarteateret tonight. See you there.

Date: 15-11-2013 14:42:04
True meaning of Flamenco Peko sign finally revealed now has its own page.

Date: 15-11-2013 08:38:50
Super thanks to Richard Andersen for pointing out that the Flamenco Peko sign, 米 (mǐ), (close to mi), is the Chinese character for uncooked rice, husked seed and other grain-like things. It is also used for meter. I've been using it on everything since like forever, so great to finally know. Wow. It's being used in China, Japan and Korea. Fits quite nice with my newfound appreciation of C-pop, J-pop and K-pop. Also I drink rice-milk instead of cow-milk. And if I smoked I would probably prefer rice-paper to wood-paper. Incredibly stupid of me to use a sign I didn't know the meaning of, but worked out quite all right. I originally started using it because it is a lower-case 'f' in the font Bullets 4 Japanese. Proof and further details: http://kake.dreamwidth.org/100619.html. We are now the famous rice band!

Date: 14-11-2013 00:56:56
I'm now on Discogs as user and artist.

Date: 14-11-2013 00:37:22
Large front covers added to discography.

Date: 13-11-2013 23:47:03
"Backfire madness", BAL-002 is sent to factory for pressing. There will be 500 digipaks.

Date: 08-11-2013 15:26:27
Georgi D. Gitarer is now on Facebook with demo videos of instruments and amps and more. We made the proper url and did a promo round today. Also thank you for the extra professional jack extension solution Georgi. Thanks for all the likes, people.

Date: 08-11-2013 14:53:56
I'm now Gramo member 747329. I'll just sit and grin. The money will roll right in.

Date: 07-11-2013 15:05:31
Front cover for "Backfire madness" digipak. First look!

Date: 04-11-2013 19:25:57
Peko backdrop is printed by all-round awesome person and designer Camilla Lysaker. The banner and I is looking for gigs and a band. Check it out.

Date: 04-11-2013 14:27:59
Turning bed room slightly more into recording room. Pop filter and microphone stands and stuff from Georgi.

Date: 03-11-2013 08:56:14
Got my personal FTP server up again. If you need to upload huge files or something, just ask me for login / password.

Date: 22-10-2013 17:38:53
Totally cool hover-thumbs for scans and drawings on songs and covers pages. Mouse-over to check it out.

Date: 19-10-2013 13:51:08
Peko Wear shop got larger and more awesome again.

Date: 19-10-2013 11:37:13
Two new wallpapers. Improved wallpapers page.

Date: 18-10-2013 21:35:49
Scary Halloween you all. We celebrate with orange background!

Date: 18-10-2013 03:10:56
Filmed at a photo-shoot for the upcoming Pussyclub single / video "Funeral" in Oslo today. Great fun, and met some very nice people. I used IR (night-vision). It was cold, dark and interesting. Got some nice shots.

Date: 13-10-2013 01:24:44
By popular demand the Black Peko hoods are in, just in time for winter. And more. Wear Peko Wear.

Date: 11-10-2013 19:08:57
Wear Peko / Peko Wear white t-shirt added to pekowear.spreadshirt.no. I'm converting from bitmap to vector. More professional, logical, and lower prices for everyone.

Date: 08-10-2013 16:02:56
LAN speed upgraded from 100 mbps to 1.000 mbps through a dumb switch I bought in Sweden. (10.000 mbps is still a bit hard to find.) Thanks to beloved family for a nice trip.

Date: 05-10-2013 23:58:56
Dead Cool Records Wikipedia article updated with photo and links.

Date: 05-10-2013 22:48:56
Lyrics scan number 100 now online.

Date: 03-10-2013 14:02:49
And Ubåt tomorrow.

Date: 03-10-2013 13:36:23
Filming The SOUND of Music tonight. You should come if you're into cool stuff.

Date: 03-10-2013 13:21:51
Focus Boutique is under construction. It's like a shelf thing. Here's a preview.

Date: 03-10-2013 10:12:04
Got a classic 3M 1705 overhead from Handel og Kontor. Experimenting with projecting my drawings. Working quite well. So many great neighbors in this building. Thanks yos!

Date: 01-10-2013 18:20:16
My first real video-camera: Sony PJ740VE. Thanks to Japan Photo for the help. Very nice store and people to have in the building.

Date: 01-10-2013 00:09:32
Big thanks to Knut Ole and Focusrite for helping me with sound-card setup. It's like it had to get used to my songs or something before it started acting slightly normal. There's more to learn and test. But I hope Scarlet and I will get along.

Date: 28-09-2013 10:19:38
MIDI keyboard working. First time for me.

Date: 27-09-2013 04:07:44
Uploaded a concert from 2008 to YouTube.

Date: 27-09-2013 02:55:53
Ubåt posters and flyers are up and out. More tomorrow. Also I have a small sound-job at Litteraturhuset on Saturday.

Date: 26-09-2013 16:36:28
New page: hardware. A simple overview of the stash currently in use at Focus.

Date: 25-09-2013 18:06:35
Registered at Steinberg Forums. Planning to drop some of my excellent suggestions regarding WaveLab.

Date: 23-09-2013 09:07:22
Bought a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 USB sound-card. Looking forward to recording again.

Date: 23-09-2013 07:24:52
Tapping bpm's.

Date: 19-09-2013 03:44:31
10 more lyrics up tonight. I'm saving files from old hard-drives.

Date: 18-09-2013 22:40:39
Another good session with 2Bakk.

Date: 18-09-2013 14:49:44
Helping Ubåt with promoting the Fredrikstad "Ghetto Media" release party at Oscar. Posters and flyers coming up and out around Monday.

Date: 17-09-2013 11:01:04
NGT pointed out that they became my ISP in 2003. That means that Focus Studios kinda approximately celebrates our 10 years anniversary this year. (Although the name dates back to when we rehearsed in that small building in the backyard.)

Date: 16-09-2013 15:07:58
Electricity upgraded a bit. Earthing of entire studio hopefully coming soon.

Date: 13-09-2013 00:05:41
Studio-session with 2Bakk today. Good flow.

Date: 09-09-2013 13:41:20
Site moved to new and better server with PHP 5.3.20 instead of the even older PHP 5.2.4. Still hosted by Copyleft. Everything is fine. It's just better.

Date: 08-09-2013 15:32:28
100 lyrics online!

Date: 06-09-2013 22:41:53
New page for newspapers clippings is up.

Date: 06-09-2013 12:57:27
Ordered plastic sleeves for vinyl records. Working on sorting and pricing. Flamenco Peko and friends - Dedicated to bringing you music that doesn't suck a lot.

Date: 05-09-2013 00:30:47
100 drawings online!

Date: 03-09-2013 01:42:27
Installed one more webcam, in case one should fail.

Date: 03-09-2013 01:30:39
Very good session with Knut Ole and Emil. Mixed bongos, got rid of more legacy hardware, bought headset, got advice on recording setup, and more.

Date: 31-08-2013 13:36:22
Today iSpy added temp jpg file option for ftp (to eliminate flickering) and option to choose font and disable bg for overlays (like time-stamp). I asked for that, and they coded it (in C#) in like a couple of days! Be not afraid of the app's name starting with an i. It's not an Apple thing. It's the opposite. Free and open source. Thanks you iSpy. Eternal respect and thanks.

Date: 31-08-2013 12:40:04
Added option to view all scans on one page. Added option to view all drawings on one page.

Date: 28-08-2013 22:22:08
Making a music video for a song called "It Wasn't Me" by a band called Anti Language League in Sony Vegas Pro 12. The song is also mastered by me.

Date: 28-08-2013 21:43:17
Sigrid Benz aka DJ Béarnaise (of Nebbet) made this fantastic drawing in the draw app and sent it to me. Thanks yo!

Date: 27-08-2013 02:10:08
Refined the news system to look exactly like it did yesterday. Much better. Five latest posts are now present on main page.

Date: 25-08-2013 22:35:50
Video shoot day two is a wrap.

Date: 25-08-2013 19:07:04
Changed webcam software to iSpy. Big thanks to Simon Hall for the link that solved everything.

Date: 25-08-2013 15:28:41
Yesterday I incidentally filmed quite a bit of footage for Pussyclub's "Funeral" music video at Blå Grotte and Verdensspeilet. Turned out very good. Was great fun too. That's the same song I did a very small vocal take on. We continue filming today.

Date: 23-08-2013 23:40:25
Replaced the old laptop with an Acer Aspire Timeline X with SSD. This one I can actually bring outside. Sold the old one to John. Them two new computers are increasingly becoming the new studio. The old hardware is increasingly on its way out of here. I'm installing applications, getting more familiar with Windows 7, reading manuals and configuring. Now to save up for mic, pre-amp and compressor...

Date: 23-08-2013 13:46:05
Facebook says about 50 people clicked the Like button on flamencopeko.net tonight. Must be a Facebug.

Date: 23-08-2013 11:44:29
New computers installed. Follow the progress in this post.

Date: 22-08-2013 20:07:40
New computers in da house as well.

Date: 22-08-2013 12:54:39
400 more Peko buttons in da house.

Date: 21-08-2013 19:39:21
Old not funky chairs out. New funky chairs from Staples in.

Date: 21-08-2013 02:59:15
New computers ordered. Gainward GeForce GTX 760 2GB PhysX CUDA, Corsair HX 850W PSU, Intel Core i7-4770K Processor, ASUS Maximus VI Formula, Socket-1150, 2 x Corsair DDR3 16GB 1600MHz Low Profile, Corsair SSD Neutron Series 256GB KIT, ASUS DVD Writer DRW-24B5ST, WD Desktop Green 3TB, BenQ 24" LED GL2460HM, Corsair Obsidian 650D Midi Tower, Corsair H90 Hydro Series CPU Cooler.

Date: 17-08-2013 19:03:38
Nebbet opening was great. We uploaded some photos to their event page.

Date: 16-08-2013 20:29:41
Webcam upgraded to Logitech HD Pro C920. Two blue leds and two microphones. And much better resolution. No wireless yet. Wireless works on Mars. Not on Earth. I'm looking for a better webcam program. CoffeCup WebCam 3.5 seems to be limited to 640 x 480 pixels. And I can't seem to find the jpg compression setting.

Date: 15-08-2013 19:35:36
Cutting and mixing the bongos we recorded for "Who Is Arrow" with Emil. Working out great.

Date: 15-08-2013 08:52:34
More covers songs drawings uploaded.

Date: 14-08-2013 21:08:02
Got Waves' de-breather plug to work. Finally. That takes me so much closer to releasing my recordings, as I record vocal and guitar in one take with one microphone. People say it's a great tool. Now I will read the manual many times, experiment, save a preset and so forth. This will come handy for mastering other people's tunes as well. Yes.

Date: 14-08-2013 18:42:26
Was at Nebbet and put up BAL-001, FP-001, Bro'7 and Peko buttons for sale. What a funky, funky place. Do not forget to show up 14:00 this Saturday. Ordered more buttons and records.

Date: 14-08-2013 00:13:33
First, or rather last, track from the forthcoming Howlin' of the Wolf album "Backfire Madness" is out on their Facebook page. For free. Mastered and all.

Date: 13-08-2013 01:35:27
My Yamaha PSR-27 is finally back in the studio. I missed the tangents.

Date: 12-08-2013 11:21:09
50 scans online. Awesome to see my papers like that. Improved help page.

Date: 12-08-2013 08:57:07
Mastering of Fred For Faen's "Bad Luck" is definitely finished (and available online). Next song we're doing is "Ambience Is All Have". I'm also working on a possible remix of "Bad Luck". Thomas (of FFF) liked it. Yesterday also included another great session with Emil Andreassen and Knut Ole. Productive and fun.

Date: 07-08-2013 12:57:57
I recorded a demo of Remington Super 60's "Old Man" from their "Winter EP". Christoffer helped with chords and lyrics and even liked it.

Date: 06-08-2013 21:29:06
Got me my very own 404 page: nude_peko_smoking_crack.png.

Date: 02-08-2013 08:21:21
Cover songs drawings introduced on drawings page. It's fun! First three are up.

Date: 01-08-2013 00:56:01
Putting up some flamencopeko.net posters around town.

Date: 31-07-2013 14:04:15
Links to five latest lyrics, chords, scans and drawings added to main page.

Date: 31-07-2013 05:00:10
Added panorama photo to Focus Studios page.

Date: 30-07-2013 16:16:24
Cleaning uping around the building as usual. Bought a camera stand. More and more scans and lyrics added to the site all the time.

Date: 29-07-2013 22:20:42
Did a bit more mastering for Fred For Faen.

Date: 26-07-2013 01:00:37
Introducing: Tap pad. For finding BPMs.

Date: 25-07-2013 22:48:25
Paper work and stuff for Dead Cool Records and Howlin' of the Wolf today.

Date: 24-07-2013 23:50:31
Do you like the mouse pointer to turn into a hand when you hover links? Me neither. Introducing: Blue arrow solution. Complete with alpha shadow. Feel free to follow my example to make the web a better looking place.

Date: 24-07-2013 20:24:33
Due to popular demand, the Flamenco Peko longpaper is introduced. For people with three monitors setup.

Date: 24-07-2013 16:20:26
The book "Jernjomfruen" by Torben Svendsen is out soon. It's about his and our childhood from Seiersten Ungdomskole etc. People are not referenced by their real names, but I'm said to be floating between the lines to some degree. Looking forward to the read! Good luck with this Torben!

Date: 24-07-2013 13:58:23
Registering some tunes with Tono. They gave me a new fancy password: MasterMusician32. Well deserved.

Date: 24-07-2013 12:15:06
ØY! 2013 got canceled by a club called Bymiljøetaten! We're very sorry!

Date: 24-07-2013 00:24:26
This is the event: ØY! 2013. I will be playing after 19:00 sometime.

Date: 22-07-2013 02:28:06
It seems I'll be playing at a small festival called ØY! in Oslo on Saturday.

Date: 22-07-2013 01:21:23
We put the Howlin' of the Wolf Facebook page up tonight. Mastering and graphics of album finished. Soon to be pressed.

Date: 19-07-2013 12:06:36
50 (songs) drawings online.

Date: 17-07-2013 14:31:16
Link to scans added to songs table. Scans page added to play loop.

Date: 17-07-2013 11:55:44
Today I bring you the beginning of the A4 lyrics and chords scans page.

Date: 16-07-2013 15:10:34
Site is now completely updated to the wider (715 pixels) format. Fixed inversion issues.

Date: 16-07-2013 04:56:30
I proudly present: Drawing canvas.

Date: 16-07-2013 03:06:20
Did some test-mastering for Emil Andreassen's forthcoming album. We also recorded some bongos. The album is a kinda huge production. It was a productive and fun session. I'm happy to be involved.

Date: 10-07-2013 22:30:44
Got great photos and video from the gig from Julie Ekeberg. Thanks. You're the best.

Date: 10-07-2013 21:34:13
Howlin' of the Wolf photo-shoot at the cemetery.

Date: 10-07-2013 12:20:54
Customized YouTube page a bit.

Date: 07-07-2013 13:25:19
Uploaded my first video to YouTube. I just learned that if you type in your phone number you get to upload videos that are longer than 15 minutes. (And they have a function for turning videos into 3D). Here it is: http://youtube.com/watch?v=cgZiikA_V-Y. Yesterday's gig.

Date: 07-07-2013 10:46:16
Nice event. Nice people. Nice weather. No real problems. I had a very good time. I played: 01 I Fucking Love Science, 02 Blister In The Sun (Violent Femmes), 03 She Used To Play The Piano, 04 Forever Stoned, 05 It's A Great Day To Be Me, 06 Coca-Cola, 07 Vampire, 08 Save The Rave, 09 Trained Stoned Diver, 10 I'm Roky Erickson, 11 My Fame Is Spreading Across The Land, 12 Get In The Groove, Motherfucker, 13 Race For Space, 14 Arctic Moon, 15 Die Moterfucker, Die, 16 Bails Of Cocaine (Reverend Horton Heat).

Date: 01-07-2013 21:53:13
We're hard at work with continued promotion and everything needed to make Fjeldberg Marina Sommerfest 2013 rock. Check event page on Facebook. There are some updates and links and stuff.

Date: 01-07-2013 14:43:26
Two electronica tracks: https://soundcloud.com/fredforfaen/sets/deconstruction-mastered. I'll do some simple mastering on a few more tracks next week. And possibly some mixing / remixing.

Date: 01-07-2013 11:00:38
Made site 38 pixels wider to fit with the 50 x 50 pixels thumbs. Some sitewide adjustments remain to accommodate this. Mastered some demos for some people. Improved drawings page. Started scanning lyrics and illustrations again. Still working on the Howlin' of the Wolf album.

Date: 30-06-2013 17:19:40
Drawings (for songs) page added. Merry Peko-mas!

Date: 30-06-2013 16:22:38
With the chords, drawings and info now up it was time to rename the lyrics page to songs.

Date: 30-06-2013 11:26:55
Started adding drawings to lyrics page. There is one for each song.

Date: 28-06-2013 13:29:41
Invested in some drum stuff at Kjell Stensvik Musikk.

Date: 28-06-2013 11:39:50
A few posters for Fjeldberg Marina Sommerfest is out. More coming. And hopefully flyers soon. We also have some DJ's and stuff happening.

Date: 28-06-2013 03:31:45
Fixed invert filter issue in Chrome. Waiting for Firefox and Opera to catch up.

Date: 28-06-2013 03:08:15
Listen to a rough draft of the forthcoming Pussyclub album at Black Lodge, and even recorded a tiny bit of vocal.

Date: 28-06-2013 00:13:21
Chill trip to Søndre Sandøy, Hvaler for a touch of wild nature. Pictures courtesy of Cilje: http://denali.blogg.no/1372369661_hyttetur_til_sndre_sa.html.

Date: 26-06-2013 00:44:29
Rehearsed with 2Bakk again. Nice.

Date: 25-06-2013 11:42:35
My very nice neighbors gave me two flat-screens. All five that are in use are now 17". And I have two 15" that I don't need. Guitars and stuff are back up on the wall.

Date: 22-06-2013 12:06:55
Very first Peko t-shirt ever arrived in my mailbox today. Looks quite good. The small Peko Wear logo on the back was placed lower than I hoped for. I'll send Spreadshirt a mail about that. The black cotton is completely black. Very happy with that. Print quality could be slightly better. I'll look into that too. Although it's labeled as Women’s Classic T-Shirt it's a perfect fit for most boys too. Myself included. My copy is XL. Close friends may try it on in the studio.

Date: 22-06-2013 01:07:29
Full-size version of webcam is now centered horizontally and vertically. Trying to write a script that will adapt to all browser / screen sizes. Like in never display scroll-bars. Also trying to find a wireless webcam.

Date: 21-06-2013 13:33:25
Georgi fixed my severely broken bass-guitar. It's been with us so long and it's black and doesn't look stupid, so it was worth the money too keep the Ibanez Roadstar II. We threw away a broken amp. And I bought a Electro-Harmonix OD Germanium fuzz-box that kinda emulates dieing batteries.

Date: 19-06-2013 23:28:51
Very good mastering session also today. Finished the album (again).

Date: 19-06-2013 14:37:45
Internet upgraded to (max.) 40 down and 20 up.

Date: 19-06-2013 10:23:14
Webcam is now available in full-size version. Click cam on main page to see it. Click again to go back.

Date: 19-06-2013 10:20:35
Expanded on copyright, terms, privacy and disclaimer. Added known issues page with link from footer.

Date: 18-06-2013 23:57:46
Rehearsal with 2Bakk again. Working out quite all right. Mastering again tomorrow. Will also try to contribute something to the forthcoming Pussyclub album at the Black Lodge studio. I seem to have misplaced my snare-drum. Has anyone seen it around?

Date: 18-06-2013 13:07:50
Upgraded webcam to refresh after 10 seconds instead of 30. Upgraded RAM in PC1 from 2GB to 3GB. This is max for ASUS P4S333. Huge thanks to Andreas Moum who gave me identical cards with perfect specs for free! Now praying for stability.

Date: 18-06-2013 10:18:42
Fixed a couple of issues with the play function. Added Peko Wear page to play loop.

Date: 18-06-2013 01:15:57
Rehearsed two songs with 2Bakk on backing-vocal and tambourine.

Date: 16-06-2013 16:42:29
11 Peko chords now online. We celebrate with a zipped version for your download convenience.

Date: 14-06-2013 18:47:19
Made poster and updated event for Sommerfest på Fjeldberg Marina with Beate and the crew. It's online now. Printing scheduled for Monday.

Date: 14-06-2013 11:05:08
Made four more Peko Wear products today. Re-mastering the album tomorrow, as Howlin' of the Wolf decided to re-mix it. Crazy band.

Date: 13-06-2013 20:21:09
As of today Peko Wear is in business. Logo and page is up. I get my first Peko t-shirt ever on approx. Monday. Logo / link added to footer. I plan to make loads of different designs and items. Check out https://pekowear.spreadshirt.no.

Date: 13-06-2013 00:37:39
Introducing random icon generator (on the icons page).

Date: 11-06-2013 13:38:52
10 cover chords now online. We celebrate with a zipped version for your download convenience.

Date: 11-06-2013 00:21:01
Added dark version of site button. It uses the experimental css invert filter thing. I made it negative everything except photos. I threw in black bg too for maximum comfort for tired eyes and reduced electricity use. Works almost like it should in MIE, and even less in other browsers.

Date: 06-06-2013 00:54:32
Added add bookmark button. Works in at least IE and FF.

Date: 05-06-2013 22:01:38
BPM column added to cover-songs table. Remember these are approximate as the songs are not recorded to a beat.

Date: 05-06-2013 20:11:35
Contradictory to what was written in my first post, there is now links in this news section. At least for external url's. It's a bit of extra work, but anything for fame and glory. Chords are being added, and will be available also in .zip files soonish.

Date: 04-06-2013 19:46:25
I'll be playing a solo set at Sommerfest at Fjeldberg Marina, Saturday 06-07-2013, daytime. Event taking shape here: https://facebook.com/events/532468436810882.

Date: 04-06-2013 09:19:47
Today we introduce h1 headings for page titles!

Date: 03-06-2013 23:37:50
Played a couple of songs at Blåmandag at Fjeldberg Marina. Sold a couple of records too. Nice event. Lovely people. Recommended. But my performance was not good. People jamming on my songs, doesn't really work.

Date: 31-05-2013 02:02:58
Six old computers hit the garbage. Bye, bye.

Date: 30-05-2013 20:37:22
Added five cover-songs chords.

Date: 29-05-2013 19:36:38
Invested in and installed power-meter and fused surge protection. Smoother electricity and monitoring of voltage in and watts in use. Like all studios should have. Ugly, ugly old off-white pads out. Brand new silver and black pads in.

Date: 27-05-2013 20:45:12
Great mastering session also today. Howlin' of the Wolf album is probably finished. Visuals work is also taking shape.

Date: 27-05-2013 12:17:49
Are has a report from the release-party in today's Fredriksstad Blad, with comment from me. http://f-b.no/kultur/en-ny-var-for-osten-1.7907491

Date: 26-05-2013 13:00:12
Great Howlin' of the Wolf mastering session with Esben and Jan yesterday. Lots of work and lots of fun. Worked in Audiomontage in WaveLab.

Date: 24-05-2013 20:31:14
Improved guestbook with more security, less spam and better code. We love signers.

Date: 24-05-2013 13:21:04
Added a simple page with stuff I have for sale. More items will be added soon.

Date: 24-05-2013 12:54:31
Cookie issue totally fixed. Thanks to Lee Kowalkowski of Stack Overflow. Enjoy the huge text.

Date: 23-05-2013 18:33:07
Added button for larger text. Trying to learn how to store this preference in a cookie. You may join in on the fun here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16694234/simplify-font-size-toggle/16718762#16718762. Spent the night proofreading a bachelor thesis on spam. Got me my name on the paper too. That was fun.

Date: 21-05-2013 12:36:32
Out and about with posters and flyers for Saturday's Lok Alle EP release gig at Oscar. https://facebook.com/events/133305986859204

Date: 20-05-2013 09:26:22
http://fred-peters.com has some professional high quality pictures from the third floor version of the studio out. Thanks Fred!

Date: 20-05-2013 08:52:29
Expanded slightly on the Steve Coronel Wikipedia article. Will try mixing a new album for a friend (details later). Knut Ole of Flamenco Peko fame is involved. I'm very much looking forward to catching up with him. It's been way too long.

Date: 19-05-2013 11:45:51
Added wanted page. I need old large PATA drives aka. IDE hard-disks. They die on me all the time.

Date: 19-05-2013 10:20:18
New song: "I Fucking Love Science" lyrics are up. Moved html head content to own file. Cleaned up lots of code. Put up some more Favoritt Slum Radio posters.

Date: 18-05-2013 15:22:30
Ripped some fx vinyl for the Howlin' of the Wolf album.

Date: 18-05-2013 00:36:57
You can now choose between wide and standard layout. This is stored in a cookie on your computer.

Date: 17-05-2013 16:00:39
Added more chords to covers-tunes table and some originals to the "Songs We Taught MC Peko" YouTube playlist.

Date: 17-05-2013 09:11:38
Further work on cover-tunes table, including well deserved links to original artists.

Date: 16-05-2013 20:15:14
Covers table is now upgraded to the new format as well.

Date: 16-05-2013 16:39:05
Length of songs and some chords added to lyrics page. More columns like mp3, bpm and scans will be added. Missing time and chords will be filled in as I find the time. Cover-tunes table will get similar upgrade. We now have a screen-saver. Uninstall is impossible. (Sorry. InstantStorm is to blame. They are evil.)

Date: 15-05-2013 12:46:49
Tabs and spaces issues in lyrics files are now fixed. I also found two typos. Someone at the office will get fired for the typos. But the formatting thing is on me.

Date: 15-05-2013 11:43:26
Learned some basic stuff about text. About time. Tabs must be converted to spaces to show the way intended in for instance everybody's browsers. I'm adding chords to this directory: http://flamencopeko.net/chords. Will be incorporated into the site / table when i figure out how. I highly recommend IDM's UltraEdit. It has incredibly many awesome features.

Date: 13-05-2013 21:18:36
Three monitors on PC1 up and running! Thanks for the free NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS AGP card to Ketil Jensen. That one upgrade completely fixed video and audio lag. Time to arrange all windows, meters, etc. in WaveLab all over the 3 x 17" flat-screens setup, save a preset, and make it totally look like I know what I'm doing.

Date: 13-05-2013 00:32:47
Figured out how to add tracks to my YouTube playlists again. Google's introduction of channels confused me.

Date: 12-05-2013 23:41:27
Gave the old Asus P4S333 mother-board another 1 GB of PC2100 RAM. Thanks to Ivan Syversen for this.

Date: 12-05-2013 20:57:50
Invested in two more flat-screens. Trying to make all three play nice together on PC1. Sorting vinyl records. Lot's of stuff for sale.

Date: 12-05-2013 13:52:35
Some Wikipedia work today. Created http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dead_Cool_Records. Dead Cool is a label I work for. Expanded http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Coronel. Steve kinda made Kiss happen. Very interesting and cool writing with Steve. Even complimented on my drawings and text.

Date: 11-05-2013 20:50:35
Search page is finally looking good. Opens in a new tab / window now. Sorry. Blame Google. It's extremely hard to customize. Also I still have invites left for Dropbox, so just send me your email if you want 500 MB extra.

Date: 11-05-2013 16:17:25
Bought a charger for flat batteries. It has a blue light. Blue lights are important. One or two photo-cameras are returning to life.

Date: 10-05-2013 17:44:43
Cool pictures from last night's Star Trek premiere now on Facebook. Speaking of photography, the gallery on this site will probably be expanded to include more than one photo again. In time. Until then stare at Facebook.

Date: 09-05-2013 17:13:15
New page: help. Seems to work to. Stine sent us great pictures. And mother helped cleaning the studio.

Date: 09-05-2013 13:36:55
Online users count on front-page is online. It's made by http://freehostedscripts.net. I highly recommend it. I even got swift, super-friendly support and advice from these awesome coders. The count is a link to real-time stats. Very detailed and impressive. They are also working on getting the on-page count to auto refresh. Furthermore they even host the script on their own server. Also high five to the testers.

Date: 08-05-2013 21:10:00
Preparing for mastering the forthcoming Howlin of the Wolf album.

Date: 07-05-2013 15:07:42
Huge studio-upgrade: label maker! Wrote a song called "I Fucking Love Science" at Silje's place. Another one of those highly loveable sweet, sweet girls. Further plans for today includes promoting Blåmandag at Fjeldberg Marina with Don Glenn. https://facebook.com/groups/144961702203/?fref=ts It's a jam thing by the river.

Date: 06-05-2013 00:07:17
Added video page. Only one song. Horrible performance and mix with the classic C-typo. Only thing I've found for now. We're so super very much better than this. Added Flash vector logos for Focus Studios and Fuzz Pop.

Date: 05-05-2013 22:50:36
Print button and today's date added to header. Stop button issue fixed.

Date: 05-05-2013 21:20:42
We're thinking about compiling a reggae mixtape cd. Unreleased songs in original high quality most welcome. This is how we picture this: Artists get one copy each, and of course keep your copyrights. I can do mastering where needed. Sleeve will be simple but nice. Price: 50 kr. Approx playing time 70 minutes. Title simply: "Reggae mixtape vol. 1". Legal, not bootleg. Join the party here: https://facebook.com/groups/marlopeko.

Date: 05-05-2013 15:19:21
We went out to the Jose and Endre gig at Verdensspeilet last night for some inspiration. Resulting in icons now in alphabetical order, and hey, even two more icons! Now I'm thinking about draw function (in the large grid). Like http://tinyiconfactory.com. And flip, save, preview, invert and stuff like that comes to mind.

Date: 04-05-2013 07:50:52
Throwing away some more CRTs and printers. The wonderful and beautiful Julie Ekeberg visited us in the studio. Organizing CD-collection. Getting better.

Date: 04-05-2013 07:17:53
Check the icons page. Awesome feature added. Rewritten in php. Huge thanks to xerxes of phphelp.com!

Date: 03-05-2013 08:50:42
Checking out CuteFTP 9. Looks good. Still waiting for auto connect.

Date: 02-05-2013 08:42:39
Good morning. Thanks for clicking the Facebook Like button on the front page. Sure could use some more to be cool, famous and rich. You signing the guestbook would also be appreciated a lot.

Date: 02-05-2013 02:13:53
One last test...

Date: 02-05-2013 02:05:05
Fixed transitions in play-loop. Time to sleep. Janitor work and important meeting in the morning.

Date: 01-05-2013 22:53:58
News page is back.

Date: 01-05-2013 21:57:05
Visited my father and family and read the website and lyrics auto-translated to Norwegian. Took some photos on a chill trip to Hvaler. Fixed some issues. More center-align. Added render time.

Date: 30-04-2013 12:12:05
Welcome to the new news page. I'll post progress on song-writing, web-site, events, etc. Last time we had a news page it got messy with broken links, long hiatuses and stuff. Let's start anew. No links or images this time. I moved the studio from third floor to fourth floor couple of months ago. Huge upgrades. Lots of work. Added play functionality to the site, using iframe and JavaScript. Always wanted that! Works quite good. Some optimazation needed. No need for all that clicking no more. Much easier and fun to work on the site as well. Was at Lok Alle studios and got me a new flat-screen. Worked out great. No more CRTs! Legacy stuff is in my back-yard. Feel free to grab it. A much needed midi to usb cable was included in the deal. Don't know how to make that work though. Fixed some MIE alignment issues. Song titles in lyrics tables are now left-aligned. Getting a cd-shelf back up. Thanks to mother and sister.

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