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Date: 28-12-2014 05:16:50
The gig at Månen was great. I'm DJ there again Saturday 03-01-2015 on the party for all the festival volunteers. And there's plans for an MC Peko concert in the spring, same place.

Date: 28-12-2014 05:10:51
We got the "Backfire madness" test press yesterday.

Date: 25-12-2014 16:29:25
Come see Marching Forest & DJ Peko på Månen tomorrow.

Date: 19-12-2014 20:13:17
I'm filming for fredforfaen at this Nebbet event tomorrow. Come, come.

Date: 15-12-2014 22:28:29
BPM Calc 1.18 is out. Improved table.

Date: 14-12-2014 01:43:31
I'm DJ at a Christmas BBQ party right now. Einar's place, Gressvik. Very nice.

Date: 11-12-2014 21:22:56
Rama Project and MC Peko give you "Out Of Place" (Polarized). Merry polar Christmas and frosty new year!

Date: 10-12-2014 00:03:17
BPM Calc 1.17 is out, and can now display delay times in timeline.

Date: 29-11-2014 13:02:52
Five new chords are up.

Date: 29-11-2014 11:46:37
Edits page is up.

Date: 29-11-2014 05:06:12
"If I Was" and "If I Was" (Edit) out now!

Date: 24-11-2014 03:40:11
All at once version of discography created and added.

Date: 24-11-2014 03:23:37
Improved posters page.

Date: 24-11-2014 02:59:11
Cool photos of the new CD.

Date: 20-11-2014 20:52:53
Mastered the audio on a video recording of a Viseguttene concert at Fjeldberg Marina 02-11-2014.

Date: 20-11-2014 20:09:50
"Songs For Tina" (Edits) CD is out now!

Date: 18-11-2014 20:50:08
Improved hardware page.

Date: 17-11-2014 20:34:53
Super thanks to Ken-Arve Nilsen of Spektralized for setting up the sound-card, etc. here at Focus Studios so that we now have talk-back to the recording room, and in fact also better recording sound! And for explaining and testing. Skills!

Date: 17-11-2014 19:21:43
Have a mastering job on Thursday, new laptop that hopefully will cooperate better with the XDJ, and seemingly a remix approved for vinyl release. Life is good.

Date: 14-11-2014 18:09:51
Peko slipmats out now! 300 kr per pair. Price expected to drop a bit on next batch.

Date: 09-11-2014 19:18:58
Silentlab - "The Sea, You And Me" out now.

Date: 09-11-2014 16:41:28
Silentlab Sunday!

Date: 09-11-2014 02:27:59
Another great Wolf session today.

Date: 06-11-2014 23:26:23
"Songs For Tina" (Edits) added to discography.

Date: 06-11-2014 18:41:25
Records are in the mail. Release date is Monday 10-11-2014. Reason for small postponing is a fuck-up at factory, but no worries, here we go. Registered the 40 edits at Gramo just now. Super thanks for showing me a very much faster and better way to register whole albums Mr. Morten! Here's a capture from today's work at Gramo. Also track list with them shorter times, and even ISRCs, as we're quite info freaks in Pekoland is up now here.

Date: 27-10-2014 10:58:35
Elvis Coca-Cola poster.

Date: 24-10-2014 13:30:05
Rounded 3000 plays on SoundCloud.

Date: 20-10-2014 17:17:32
By popular demand, Peko slipmats for yo turntables, out soon!

Date: 20-10-2014 01:19:35
Very nice Silentlab session today.

Date: 12-10-2014 19:45:13
First Silentlab song, "Hey, Hey, Goodbye" out now!

Date: 10-10-2014 12:12:50
Got my very first Tono payment. :) 992,64 kr. Also the "Songs For Tina" (Edits) CD arrived at Tunes Printing yesterday. And 2Bakk and I had a very good Kill, Kill, Kill session. Sundays are Silentlab recording. And we're doing a couple of Wolf rehearsals each week.

Date: 08-10-2014 08:21:30
Pivotex - "Rise Above The Sky" (Polarized) released for a remix contest.

Date: 04-10-2014 01:00:56
BPM Calc 1.16 introduces file-size fields.

Date: 03-10-2014 21:09:03
Improved stereo sound indoors at Lille Cambus.

Date: 27-09-2014 22:33:08
BPM Calc 1.15 introduces time and fancy about box.

Date: 24-09-2014 07:50:39
"It's Hard To Watch You Die" (Edit).

Date: 24-09-2014 07:19:39
"It's Hard To Watch You Die".

Date: 24-09-2014 03:37:50
150 songs drawings.

Date: 22-09-2014 05:16:09
And some from the Ole Jørgen concert at Månen.

Date: 22-09-2014 04:55:17
Some photos I took at The SOUND of Music festival 2014.

Date: 22-09-2014 04:19:10
"Songs For Tina" (Edits) is scheduled for CD release this coming month. Limited edition. 200 copies. Cat.#: FP-003-ED. Playing time: approx. 60 minutes. Super thanks to everyone who bought, sold, streamed, etc. the full length full length for making this possible. Keep up to date via the Facebook post.

Date: 20-09-2014 23:39:10
BPM Calc 1.14 introduces notes! Also out today is a simple metronome.

Date: 19-09-2014 18:21:36
I'm filming at The SOUND of Music tonight.

Date: 17-09-2014 22:28:38
2500 plays on SoundCloud.

Date: 14-09-2014 02:11:31
BPM Calc 1.13 out now.

Date: 13-09-2014 20:31:31
"I'm Going Sane" and "I'm Going Sane" (Edit) out now.

Date: 12-09-2014 00:38:16
Enjoy BPM Calc 1.12.

Date: 08-09-2014 21:20:13
Field-recording with Marie at Hvaler for Silentlab. Got us some good sounding waves.

Date: 07-09-2014 22:00:43
Marie and I started working on a new Silentlab song today called "The Sea, You And Me". Eirik Lia has contributed on guitar / demoing. Plan is to finish and release "The Sea, You And Me" and "Hey, Hey, Goodbye" on SoundCloud before we continue with more new songs.

Date: 07-09-2014 11:44:43
BPM Calc 1.11 is out. See change-log.

Date: 05-09-2014 12:09:06
Made a Focus Studios Facebook page. Good for location-tagging photos.

Date: 05-09-2014 09:11:16
Another great morning at Focus Studios. Hard at work with John working in the kitchen and I working on the BPM calculator. Making coffee was a joint effort. All my love John. You're the best. Semi-selfie.

Date: 04-09-2014 08:11:38
BPM Calc 1.10 is out. See change-log.

Date: 03-09-2014 09:31:20
Inversion (of the site's colors) is now disabled, as double inversion (that was used to keep photos none-inverted) stopped working in webkit browsers today! (Chrome, Opera and Maxthon). :(

Date: 03-09-2014 07:16:45
BPM Calc is now open source. Added whole notes. Remarked and cleaned up code.

Date: 02-09-2014 19:30:54
BPM Calc now has change-log.

Date: 02-09-2014 16:05:16
BPM Calc now has a much slimmer design. Changed none input fields background from yellow to grey.

Date: 02-09-2014 12:15:48
BPM Calc now works also in reverse for both MS and HZ.

Date: 02-09-2014 02:25:14
New simple page with forums and such where I'm registered: profiles.

Date: 01-09-2014 02:13:53
Another great Silentlab session. We'll give you the first song as soon as it's done.

Date: 30-08-2014 23:50:36
My dad's clothes store sadly closed today. It's here in the same building as Focus Studios. Here's a local newspaper article. He will continue as janitor here, for which I'm very happy.

Date: 27-08-2014 23:24:10
Good Wolf session today. Tomorrow too.

Date: 27-08-2014 02:18:26
I Did Acid With Caroline released tonight. The covers are now compiled in a play-list that will become the album I Did Acid With Caroline And Other Favorites.

Date: 25-08-2014 22:15:52
Another great Silentlab session yesterday. The song we're working on is called "Hey, Hey, Goodbye". Always awesome to work with the truly wonderful Marie.

Date: 22-08-2014 03:20:21
Adam A7X studio monitors installed.

Date: 22-08-2014 03:13:19
Brand new MC Peko tune "It's Just Love" and "It's Just Love" (Edit) out now.

Date: 21-08-2014 01:47:16
Steinberg WaveLab upgraded from 8.0 to 8.5.10.

Date: 13-08-2014 16:15:02
Two bronson comet lighter 7" releases are back in Focus Boutique: "wipes the pipes" on both black and transparent, and "gin, the imperial vodka". 50 kr.

Date: 13-08-2014 05:41:45
2000 plays on SoundCloud.

Date: 12-08-2014 03:20:26
Out now: WaveLab 8.5!

Date: 12-08-2014 00:50:50
Recorded a new Wolf song at Greed studios. I on bass.

Date: 10-08-2014 01:09:50
Great party. We're watching the recordings and stuff.

Date: 08-08-2014 03:46:17
100 chords online.

Date: 08-08-2014 00:20:35
"Love, Alcohol And Country N' Western" from sound-check at Nebbet cell-phone video. See you there tomorrow.

Date: 04-08-2014 01:16:15
Nice Wolf rehearsal today.

Date: 03-08-2014 04:25:22
Music both indoors and outdoors is now up and playing at Lille Cambus. Next week we'll install two new speakers indoors. I'm happy to be of help. It's a fine little place people. Welcome! This is the place that will serve as after-party for the release-party btw.

Date: 03-08-2014 00:53:47
IRL posters and flyers are out. Keep up to date via the Facebook event.

Date: 30-07-2014 12:58:36
I'm filming the Grela (Barcelona) at Vaterland concert tonight.

Date: 29-07-2014 13:13:53
Release-party event.

Date: 28-07-2014 04:54:32
Confirmed DJs for the release party are fredforfaen and 2Bakk.

Date: 27-07-2014 09:41:46
Super day at Månefestivalen and Svalbardhuset. Special thanks to everyone. Photos and recordings soon come.

Date: 22-07-2014 04:52:05
Was at Staples and printed some flyers and posters for the Svalbardhuset event, a Peko symbol stamp. (The rubber and ink thing, not the paper rectangle thing.) And even some more printed goods are in the works. Thanks a lot to Åse for patience and skills. Visited Knut Ole whilst in the neighborhood. Continued to Jonas' place for a good Wolf rehearsal, including a brand new psalm. Got browser to understand that the Pioneer XDJ is to be used as sound-card by switching from Chrome to Firefox.

Date: 14-07-2014 06:58:39
Photos from yesterday's concert.

Date: 12-07-2014 02:00:36
Here's the poster for tomorrow's event.

Date: 11-07-2014 03:04:11
First poster in a new art series: Coca-Cola.

Date: 10-07-2014 01:25:47
"Songs For Tina" release party is taking place at Nebbet, Friday 08-08-2014.

Date: 10-07-2014 01:19:10
Also at Siljes' backyard / Svalbardhuset, Fredrikstad, Gamlebyen, Saturday 26-07-2014 12:00 in support and love of Månefestivalen.

Date: 10-07-2014 01:06:23
I'm playing solo acoustic at a Nebbet gig at Ferge-leie, Gamlebyen, Sunday 13-07-2014, alongside Freddy Fredrikstad and Hornorkesteret (solo), during Tall Ships Races between 12:00 and 17:00. More details late Thursday.

Date: 09-07-2014 23:21:38
"No Place Like Home" and "No Place Like Home" (Edit) out now.

Date: 06-07-2014 18:56:32
Drum-kit complete again at Focus Studios. Oh joy. Thanks to Heidi for a fair price, driving, and positive vibrations. Here's a photo.

Date: 04-07-2014 22:16:49
Collected the zip files on a new downloads page. Added simple readme.txt to zip files.

Date: 01-07-2014 22:31:58
Howlin' of the Wolf rehearsal at my place today. Quite nice.

Date: 28-06-2014 23:31:03
New page: captures. From web-sites, like news papers and such.

Date: 28-06-2014 21:01:46
And a nice article in Fredriksstad Blad by Rikke Monsen.

Date: 28-06-2014 20:58:04
Some photos from the records sale.

Date: 28-06-2014 18:39:25
Yamaha YST-SW315 subwoofer installed on DJ / TV system. Two subs is like two girlfriends. Double awesome.

Date: 27-06-2014 21:25:05
I'll be at Platemesse i friluft! tomorrow, 11:00 to 15:00 selling local records. Come, come to get you signed copy of "Songs For Tina" and a hug!

Date: 27-06-2014 02:12:22
Four Bronson Recordings 7" releases are available for sale at Focus Studios again. Installed a Rotel RP-855 vinyl player whilst at it. Super thanks to Andre Gøtz for all this.

Date: 25-06-2014 15:19:44
I'm collection listeners reviews / reactions to the album for press-release and stuff. Preferably in English. Not all will be used. However both positive and negative ones probably will. Feel free to write yours right here. Sign with your name and where you work. Or where you live if you don't work or have some kind of position that can be described with one or three words. Write as little or as much as you like. By replying here you agree to the term that what you wrote can be reproduced on print and web. Replies, if any, are super appreciated. Logically, the resulting press-release will be made available here too. Bless.

Date: 24-06-2014 22:56:22
One 3TB HDD died. Two new 4TB HDDs are now installed.

Date: 24-06-2014 19:00:15
"Songs For Tina" (Edits) released on SoundCloud today! Less music! Same price! Probably coming on CD soon as well. This is shorter versions of all forty tracks.

Date: 23-06-2014 19:52:15
Now we got filters! :) Photos table now has a tag column, with corresponding filters: live, products, studio and various. This may be used for example to filter edits from the songs table and so forth in the future.

Date: 21-06-2014 17:25:14
Songs For Tina" now available at Nebbet and of course Focus Studios. Couple of pictures from yesterday. Also here are som photos and a video I shot from the Here Come The Waves event.

Date: 14-06-2014 09:01:11
Some posters are up.

Date: 13-06-2014 05:01:13
Made view mode (with thumbs / all at once) easier to spot, and expanded a bit on that concept.

Date: 09-06-2014 22:57:33
Bronson Recordings Mailorder is upgraded to HTML5 and a couple of links were added and stuff. Not dead yet! Coming together on Discogs too. Check it out: Bronson Recordings on Discogs.

Date: 08-06-2014 23:00:58
Here's the video. Fairly good rehearsal with the band today too.

Date: 08-06-2014 22:32:50
A small warm-up before the video upload. Some exciting captures of me saving the playlist!

Date: 08-06-2014 15:47:08
I played five songs on Magenta too. Video soon come. And sold and even signed some CDs. What a great day.

Date: 07-06-2014 17:48:35
"Songs For Tina" out today on CD! Great day in Oslo. Also filmed a Origami Antarktika concert. A very nice Musikkens Dag indeed. Will film Origami Antarktika again at Magenta, Gamlebyen, Fredrikstad tonight. Here are some pictures from the trip.

Date: 06-06-2014 02:55:19
"Scary Love" out now.

Date: 05-06-2014 22:30:52
Nice rehearsal with the band again. Six songs. That's half the album.

Date: 04-06-2014 19:14:21
Knut Ole and I are picking up the CDs at Tunes Printing 11:30 Saturday.

Date: 04-06-2014 04:47:17
Added release column to songs table. Removed pointless size column from songs table and covers table. Renamed drawing columns to img.

Date: 04-06-2014 02:42:25
"Songs For Tina" is now registered at Discogs. Also added photo of myself and Fuzz Pop logo.

Date: 30-05-2014 02:53:38
Started production on a song called "Hey, Hey, Goodbye" with Marie. Great fun.

Date: 28-05-2014 02:29:11
Latest photos and latest icons added to front page.

Date: 28-05-2014 01:36:24
Me in the sun yesterday by Ketil Lindemark.

Date: 28-05-2014 00:41:50
Great sessions at Georgi D. and Nebbet today.

Date: 27-05-2014 00:13:52
And, oh, then there's also the promo video.

Date: 26-05-2014 23:49:31
Thanks all, for the likes, listens and comments today. Much appreciated. Now that I'm a super big rock star, I hired an expert to mount my TV on the wall.

Date: 26-05-2014 17:09:12
Now there's an embryotic posters page too.

Date: 26-05-2014 14:56:27
Facebook announcement.

Date: 26-05-2014 11:29:55
My debut solo album "Songs For Tina" is out now on SoundCloud and the CD arrives from the factory on Friday. Poster, flyer, press-release in English and Norwegian is out now too. A small release party is planned. Track-list, visuals and everything is online right about now. Check it out in the discography. "Songs For Tina Promotional Song" released today as well.

Date: 25-05-2014 22:25:45
Added JVC RX-5032V amplifier to TV / DJ setup and hardware page. Optical sound and stuff. Light is king.

Date: 24-05-2014 23:50:42
Good rehearsal with the band again today. Also great sessions at Nebbet. Locale keeps getting better, and we have these nice application / paper-work evenings that are very helpful. Lots of fun!

Date: 23-05-2014 01:19:19
Also, "Life Garden" out now.

Date: 23-05-2014 01:07:28
Good rehearsal with the band. Getting better. XDJ back from repair. Some new Peko Wear products arrived as well. Bag is perfect. Lanyard a bit off. I'll look into that asap. T-shirts seem quite right. I've been having some problems with getting the black completely black on a couple of products. This is being fixed.

Date: 20-05-2014 01:25:23
First solo album sent to factory for pressing. 500 CDs in jewel case. 40 tracks. 70 minutes.

Date: 18-05-2014 13:12:18
Major upgrade to the discography. Each release now has it's own page. And I've written some short comments for each one. We have lots of graphics and information to add, and now a place to put it.

Date: 15-05-2014 19:56:35
MC Peko - Dance With Me (Adam Green cover) out now.

Date: 15-05-2014 04:14:23
Upgraded iSpy, changed webcam format to wide-screen, joined the new forum, submitted a post or two. Enjoying new features and enhancements. Remember it's free, open source and super awesome.

Date: 12-05-2014 05:53:32
Added logo to Spreadshirt page, and ordered some products for testing.

Date: 12-05-2014 05:30:04
BIOS updated on my ASUS Maximus VI Formula computers. Good times. Versions: 0714 (07/09/2013) to 1402 (14/03/2014). Here are photos and tips.

Date: 04-05-2014 20:47:33
Rounded 1000 plays on SoundCloud.

Date: 27-04-2014 17:15:20
Facebook have today fixed the bug that prevented profile pictures thumbs to show next to Like buttons on web-sites. (Problem was limited. Perhaps to Norway?) (Feel free to click that button btw.)

Date: 26-04-2014 21:35:22
I'm rehearsing as bass player for a band. Challenging but rewarding. Other projects are not put on hold.

Date: 24-04-2014 18:33:56
LG 60" LED Smart TV 60LN575V installed. Check it out with Traktor.

Date: 14-04-2014 01:31:11
I shall now attempt to master two tracks for Freddy Fredrikstad & Bændet i Boxen.

Date: 14-04-2014 01:19:00
Nice concert at Lille Cambus. MC Ubåt and DJ Peko. Happy birthday Vanja. Here are some pictures.

Date: 13-04-2014 02:11:05
Nice Howlin' of the Wolf session this evening. Tomorrow I'll do some stuff with Ubåt at a mini-gig.

Date: 07-04-2014 18:16:37
Registered the 40 tracks for the album at Gramo. My first ISRCs.

Date: 02-04-2014 18:05:53
Promoting and preparing for Mystery No Solve event on Nebbet this Friday. Nice Howlin' of the Wolf session. Wrote a bit with the kind folks at Softube. Indeed all their plugins are released as 64 bit VST 3. Highly recommended. I'm still in the process of getting rid of WaveLab 6, since I bought and use WaveLab 8. But the transition from 32 bit legacy stuff to latest cutting edge takes time and work 'cos you get dependent on plugins, and presets. But learning and testing every day. Also Blakk Monk and Ubåt vinyls are now available in Focus Boutique.

Date: 01-04-2014 07:48:09
Many updated to the Kiss bands tree. Also added table of individual artists. The forum however, is very lonely.

Date: 31-03-2014 04:03:53
We picked up the MC Peko banner at Camilla's place with Knut Ole driving. Thanks! Nice trip. Quality banner.

Date: 30-03-2014 12:43:12
50 items now displayed on hardware page.

Date: 28-03-2014 10:01:52
The tap pad is upgraded with better sound toggle button and arrays. Not to worry, they are off by default.

Date: 28-03-2014 10:01:52
tap pad upgraded with better sound toggle button and arrays. Not to worry, they are off by default.

Date: 27-03-2014 13:52:44
"Bad Luck" (Polarized) at fredforfaen.com.

Date: 27-03-2014 11:11:05
Exciting news! We proudly present: fredforfaen - "Bad Luck" (Polarized). This is the first remix in a polar ambient concept. Here's the page. And here it is on SoundCloud. I've been dabbling with this idea in the past, and even released a couple of tracks. However I now adhere to a strict rule of not adding anything to the original, so any old Polarized remixes floating around are not considered "official".

Date: 26-03-2014 05:46:52
Added visual background display for value fields to tap pad.

Date: 24-03-2014 04:34:56
Open sourced draw app. Made open source links easier to spot.

Date: 24-03-2014 04:22:00
Open sourced tap pad.

Date: 21-03-2014 22:20:04
Nice session with Kool DJ K.C. Fly teaching me some Serato DJ basics. Not for changing from Traktor. Just nice to know a bit about both.

Date: 15-03-2014 11:44:56
Couple of more additions to BPM calculator: Added plus and minus buttons also to SPB and BPS fields. Pointed out that BPS = HZ. Added icons to header.

Date: 14-03-2014 19:47:20
Added 1/2 triplet notes, header row and 'toggle normal notes' option to the BPM calculator. Have lots of ideas. One of them is to make a minimalistic version, as the app gets bigger.

Date: 12-03-2014 21:40:00
Selected tools and options is now marked (with yellow background) on draw and clock apps.

Date: 11-03-2014 02:33:18
My very own Vintage Design DMP MK-II mounted in rack. Celebrating with its first recording: "I Battled The King".

Date: 10-03-2014 06:52:33
Sent an application for financial support for the album to FFUK. Decided against spending money on joining Fono and / or buying UPC / EAN codes for now.

Date: 10-03-2014 02:47:31
Cleaned up the visuals for the album a lot. Made a forthcoming promo spot video thing for it too.

Date: 09-03-2014 21:47:21
Did a site-wide spell check. Found Gaurang SpellChecker plugin very useful.

Date: 09-03-2014 19:45:44
New page: software. Mostly to list suggestions and possible bugs.

Date: 07-03-2014 21:38:02
Added flip functionality to drawing app, got rid of an unwanted space below canvas, converted plain JS to jQuery, removed couple of lines of redundant code, and standardized buttons.

Date: 06-03-2014 22:19:06
Added open in own window functionality to drawing app, and wrote a few more explaining sentences in the description.

Date: 06-03-2014 16:33:18
Did a little makeover on the Georgi D. gitarer site. And got my Vox DA5 guitar amplifier repaired. Nice.

Date: 03-03-2014 16:11:00
fredforfaen's "Deconstruction" EP is out as none-physical release all over the web. Five tracks, debut release, very cool. In addition to spell-checking, test-mastering, bouncing ideas and having many a very interesting conversation with Thomas during the process, I've also done a remix of the first track, "Bad Luck". We think this one will be out in about a month. Also, thanks again dude for all the stuff you're helping out with here in Peko land.

Date: 03-03-2014 00:23:14
Made test DDP and CD-R with dithering and CD-Text and stuff with WaveLab 8 of my forthcoming solo album. DDP support seems pro enough to possibly drop Sonoris DDP Creator in the future. The Sonoris application is great though. All tracks have been treated in iZotope RX3's fantastic spectral environment now. Almost time to render CMYK visuals. Getting realer...

Date: 01-03-2014 21:20:06
Upgraded the SoundCloud account to Pro Unlimited.

Date: 28-02-2014 19:40:00
Mastering of my solo album is kinda almost finished. All 40 tracks are out on SoundCloud. This is a guitar and vocal only concept. There will be 500 jewel case CD copies made via Tunes Printing. I'm fixing playing-times on Tono, and then we'll get ISRCs from Gramo perhaps next week. The record will be released on my own label Fuzz Pop with the cat. # FP-003 this year. Playing time is approx. 72 minutes. The booklet is eight pages. Looking for distro deal btw.

Date: 24-02-2014 05:06:46
More songs out all the time now. Just hang out in the SoundCloud.

Date: 23-02-2014 00:44:45
Sorting is fixed and file-naming is getting better on the photos page.

Date: 21-02-2014 05:39:32
Some kinda photo gallery is finally up. Albeit in embryonic state, I think there's enough foundation to maintain something that makes sense.

Date: 19-02-2014 10:19:17
Rounded 500 plays and 40 tracks on SoundCloud. There's also a poster out on Facebook.

Date: 15-02-2014 14:52:55
Mirror function added to drawing application.

Date: 15-02-2014 12:30:23
Rotate function added to drawing application.

Date: 14-02-2014 23:07:05
Added toggle grid button and open source link to icons page.

Date: 14-02-2014 18:38:31
Random icons are now also displayed in big version on the icons page.

Date: 14-02-2014 00:11:53
The order song form is now upgraded too.

Date: 13-02-2014 00:45:27
Better form with security implemented. By Jem Turner, same girl who wrote the guestbook. Thanks and respect!

Date: 12-02-2014 20:13:58
For the very fist time I have submitted a concert to Tono. Huge thanks to Jonas Qvale (of Hornorkesteret) for helping me with papers, codes, rules and the know how of how this stuff is done in general. And also for helping me with covering "Ikke gravlegg meg her" as "Don't Bury Me Here". We'll have that one out as soon as we're happy with the mastering.

Date: 11-02-2014 23:12:03
50 chords online.

Date: 09-02-2014 20:13:34
Player implemented on songs drawings and covers drawings pages.

Date: 09-02-2014 20:10:59
Check out fredforfaen on SoundCloud The "Deconstuction" EP is contrary to its name coming together very well. I'm slightly involved as listener / complainer / stuff like that.

Date: 08-02-2014 14:06:23
Player implemented on hardware page.

Date: 08-02-2014 01:54:50
Groovy late night session with 2bakk.

Date: 06-02-2014 18:49:43
The feeling you get from a "Coca-Cola".

Date: 05-02-2014 19:29:14
Player implemented on scans page.

Date: 05-02-2014 11:47:05
Facebook have made a short movie of all members! Here is mine.

Date: 04-02-2014 22:28:23
Icons page is brand new with an incredible player made by awesome coder cogo. In addition he accepted the even harder task of explaining the code to me. This player will be implemented on more pages like scans and drawings to begin with, and then even more in the future.

Date: 03-02-2014 14:59:59
About five more songs out and about.

Date: 03-02-2014 13:01:24
As of today Fuzz Pop is registered at Gramo with the code FUZ. My ISRCs will as such start with NOFUZ. Thanks to Gramo for their kind help.

Date: 02-02-2014 15:23:05
More songs are mastered and uploaded also today.

Date: 01-02-2014 16:30:15
Great working day at Nebbet with the crew. Got some much needed work in the cellar done.

Date: 31-01-2014 16:27:06
Two more songs are up.

Date: 30-01-2014 16:01:28
Super thanks to computer dude and all round good Hansi for giving me two identical Philips 190B DVI narrow screens for the PC2 rack. Additional thanks to Lasse and Ian for bringing the goods to the studio. Truly I am blessed with very great friends.

Date: 28-01-2014 10:28:28
And a Half Jap. one: "1.000.000 Kisses".

Date: 28-01-2014 09:27:14
"This One's On You".

Date: 28-01-2014 08:31:30
First cover song online: "I Don't Think So". Dino Peko!

Date: 28-01-2014 04:30:16
Found this amazing piece of software called jBridge that let's you use 32 bit VST plugins in 64 bit applications. This has taken me a lot further in converting from WaveLab 6 to WaveLab 8. They live fairly happily side by side now. WaveLab 6 can possibly be uninstalled sometime this year. I just about have my mastering plugs and presets set up, as they were, but in 64 bit editor. Happy times.

Date: 25-01-2014 02:32:14
Added tap button to tap pad! Awesome idea. Works on touch devices now. Also added Reset button.

Date: 24-01-2014 03:43:25
Help file for bpm calculator out now.

Date: 24-01-2014 02:02:18
Seconds per bar and Beats per second now works also in reverse. Also added a couple of keywords and removed a couple of bugs.

Date: 24-01-2014 00:36:38
Added BPS to bpm calculator.

Date: 23-01-2014 21:09:48
Original Backfire madness Norwegian press release.

Date: 21-01-2014 00:59:01
SAMS logo out now in all its glory. Added to SoundCloud too, along with "You Can't Keep Your First Love".

Date: 20-01-2014 05:57:55
Couple of new songs out on SoundCloud.

Date: 18-01-2014 05:46:38
First sound added to flamencopeko.net. Seemed logical for a music site. It's a click sound for the tap pad. And it comes with a mute button, yes.

Date: 16-01-2014 16:20:04
Upgrading from Steinberg WaveLab 6 to 8. Dear Lord: Please see to it that I lose as few presets as possible, and that the amount of problems be kept to acceptable.

Date: 16-01-2014 00:18:05
400 icons online. Latest additions include upper-case alphabet.

Date: 15-01-2014 02:09:50
Added triplets and dotted rows toggle buttons to bpm calculator.

Date: 14-01-2014 23:54:31
Added tempo buttons to bpm calculator.

Date: 14-01-2014 12:25:29
Added -1, +1, /2 and *2 functions to bpm calculator.

Date: 14-01-2014 03:22:35
Added wavelength to bpm calculator.

Date: 14-01-2014 00:49:52
Introducing: BPM to MS and HZ calculator.

Date: 11-01-2014 19:39:33
"Backfire madness" article in today's Fredriksstad Blad. Scan of paper version added to clippings. Also, 200 likes on the Facebook page.

Date: 11-01-2014 12:06:38
My photos of Sweden live at St. Croix huset yesterday. Great concert. Andreas (of Kung Fu Girls) and Frode Fivel guested. I also filmed the concert.

Date: 09-01-2014 23:14:18
150 songs scans online.

Date: 09-01-2014 10:20:21
Meteors And Meteorites.

Date: 07-01-2014 10:40:07
New column added to songs table. The songs!

Date: 07-01-2014 10:29:53
New song: I Got Me A Band.

Date: 04-01-2014 03:56:02
Music collection getting more serious. Higher quality, better naming, backup, and last but not least, more music. Also doing the SoundCloud thing, including clicking Follow on my fave artists. Work and fun at the same time.

Date: 03-01-2014 00:41:21
Testing cam on Samsung Android pad with "This One's On You".

Date: 02-01-2014 01:06:12
Some minor upgrades to recording-room. Getting better.

Date: 01-01-2014 00:43:29
20 years in the making, I give you the illustrated Kiss bands tree, and a forum to go. It's watermarked, arrows are in the making, etc. Feel free to help out. This project is the only of it's kind, as far as I know.

Date: 01-01-2014 00:36:20
And here's to 2014! Starting fresh with site now in HTML5.

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