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Date: 26-12-2015 08:43:04
There's now a group on SoundCloud, open for everyone, for Polar ambient music.

Date: 26-12-2015 08:19:21
Changed my SoundCloud page URL from soundcloud.com/flamencopeko to soundcloud.com/mc-peko. I, MC Peko, was very often confused with the band, Flamenco Peko. Very understandable. I' to blame. This change will be implemented in several places. Sorry about the inconveniences this will cause.

Date: 26-12-2015 04:42:31
Just when ya thought the year was over, them Fredrikstad all-stars, with Prunk Möbel forefront, drops a full length remix release with a title that itself is pure wonderful art, "Prunk'd 2015". No rest for the inspired! Hovering Records OQZ 002 is available for free streaming and free download on two of our favorite outlets, SoundCloud and Bandcamp! Track 07 is The MC Peko song "Vampire", covered by Poodles Caroli, and remixed by Prunk. Both Poodle's and my original versions are yet to be released. I'll get mine out as soon as I can. It will be included on my next solo effort, "The Continued Adventures Of MC Peko".

Date: 12-12-2015 17:00:45
Out now: Arctica / Antarctica at Bandcamp and Arctica / Antarctica on Facebook.

Date: 07-12-2015 22:23:02
Check out these photos of today's work. Upgraded DJ / TV system to two shelves. Shaker was an outstanding pro from start to finish, and I was helping him helping me best I could. The vinyls are no longer on the floor, and the receiver and turntable are no longer in front of the speaker. We have a pair of 8810s, black, three way, linear phase, USA speakers up for grabs if you want them. They need new treble tweeters, so probably throw-aways. Them wooden Wellex ones are give-aways next year, when I have found something better, which should not be hard. Washing first thing in the morning. Up next: sorting the records. Good times.

Date: 07-12-2015 01:14:22
Nice mini Wolf session, brief very good Silentlab session, Shaker came by to look at our awesome carpenter work, that will continue tomorrow. Thank you so much dude! Will be some before and after pictures of that whole thing. Rounded off the evening with a The Sky's Gone Out session with Jon.

Date: 24-11-2015 16:20:56
Editing, mastering and registering A/A - "07-11-2015". Titles be date of performing.

Date: 24-11-2015 15:12:18
Couple of treated grey-scale photos from the A/A gig at Blå Grotte.

Date: 24-11-2015 14:11:04
Just registered at Statist.no.

Date: 24-11-2015 09:31:13
CANCELED: Howlin' of the Wolf, Feelgood, Halden, Friday 13-11-2015. Things did not work out.

Date: 02-11-2015 21:43:48
Two Wolf more dates: Fjeldberg Marina, Friday 06-11-2015 and Feelgood, Halden, Friday 13-11-2015.

Date: 03-10-2015 18:06:42
We're spinning at Greenhouse, Fredrikstad, 20:00 - 02:00. Free! Come!

Date: 01-10-2015 12:34:15
I'm playing polar ambient music as Arctica / Antarctica at The SOUND of Music at Blå Grotte, with many other artists, including Fennesz!, Saturday 07-11-2015. Here's the event page. Tickets on sale now.

Date: 17-09-2015 02:49:23
My second day as an extra on NRK Anno set yesterday went great. Click here for a huge spoiler panorama. Joke aside, very nice people to work with and thanks for the coffee!

Date: 14-09-2015 07:37:38
My Kiss bands tree is now in the TOC of Kiss Related Recordings! Thanks Jelle Jansen. Looking forward to more cooperation. Here's a photo. Very close to 200 lineups now...

Date: 13-09-2015 19:39:54
I did not play an acoustic set at #fredrikstadkulturnatt, as promised, yesterday. Sorry about that. But I did document the FFF + HOBO1 concert, and joined in on percussion. Several other players and dancers joined in too. Great jam! Thank you everyone. Blesses.

Date: 11-09-2015 02:15:52
I'll be photographing, filming, and playing some acoustic songs on Saturday at The Prison A.R.T. Project.

Date: 06-09-2015 00:49:41
Fun Wolf gig on Hawk last night. Thanks to everyone who showed up. Intro, two new songs and cover was added to the set.

Date: 19-08-2015 17:58:47
Upgraded Corel PaintShop Pro to X8.

Date: 17-08-2015 22:45:55
Out now: "Riding In My Spaceship" and "Cry Not By My Grave".

Date: 12-08-2015 23:41:38
Goodbye legacy part of rack. We had some good times. Thanks to my wonderful mother for all the help. Bless.

Date: 12-08-2015 23:34:11
soundcloud.com/desertornorge is live and kicking! You can stream half the album for free! Desertör baby! We celebrate with a photo.

Date: 09-08-2015 19:22:59
I'll be playing a background 1700s slave on NRKs TV series Anno tomorrow. It's recording now, and airs later.

Date: 09-08-2015 19:22:44
Great Silentlab session today, working on "The Day We Spent In Spain". The EP CD will be released late 2015 or early 2016, on Fuzz Pop.

Date: 08-08-2015 10:19:49
Out now: "Peko Don't Rap".

Date: 01-08-2015 01:01:19
Welcome to the improved, dynamic, sortable live page! Older dates will be added soonish.

Date: 31-07-2015 18:28:50
Howlin' of the Wolf live at Bad Times, Hawk, Friday 04-09-2015 21:00! Event page here. With El Mapache.

Date: 31-07-2015 00:28:55
Three more: "Rock Star Darling", "Small White Houses" and "Are The Spaceships Gone?".

Date: 30-07-2015 07:30:51
One more: "The Girl".

Date: 30-07-2015 05:50:31
New song: "Girl Power"! And making-of photo.

Date: 27-07-2015 21:39:46
Wolf photo session today. Here's a snap shot.

Date: 10-07-2015 00:37:16
I've started instagraming.

Date: 09-07-2015 20:50:34
Out now: Unlogic Thing - "Tomorrow" (Polarized).

Date: 25-06-2015 17:44:54
Releases I sold today at Focus Studios. Peko, Bronson, Dead Cool and friends.

Date: 17-06-2015 15:53:33
Now playing: Desertör!

Date: 17-06-2015 05:00:43
Desertör album, that I did layout on, is out now!

Date: 16-06-2015 07:52:35
Improved videos page.

Date: 16-06-2015 06:14:19
After-gig work. Unpacking, transferring, getting studio ready for next rehearsal, scanning, posting, updating site...

Date: 16-06-2015 02:27:45
Wolf live videos by Terje Kristoffersen: "The Caretaker" and "Instant black".

Date: 16-06-2015 02:22:31
And here's some from Thomas Johansen. Thanks yo!

Date: 15-06-2015 00:45:55
We played our first Wolf concert today! Thanks to everyone involved and in attendance. Terje Kristoffersen brings the first photos: here and here.

Date: 09-06-2015 02:14:25
Here's the event page.

Date: 06-06-2015 17:11:32
Wolf live at Fjeldberg Marina, Sunday 14-06-2015! Free!

Date: 04-06-2015 22:29:35
5000 plays on SoundCloud.

Date: 30-05-2015 21:43:22
Good Wolf rehearsal. Also filmed a studio thing at Nebbet with KLBK, fredforfaen and Håvard Windingstad.

Date: 26-05-2015 22:03:32
Released today: "Today".

Date: 21-05-2015 20:57:36
Another fine Wolf rehearsal. Currently there's seven songs in the set. And we play two sets each rehearsal.

Date: 12-05-2015 00:05:38
Out now: "Arctic Moon". Thanks to Knut Ole for recording.

Date: 11-05-2015 16:53:39
Out now: Silentlab - "Sailor's Waltz".

Date: 09-05-2015 03:02:31
Super thanks to Christian Waagaard for rooting my Samsung Galaxy Tab S pad and upgrading Android to latest version!

Date: 07-05-2015 21:08:02
Nice Wolf rehearsal. Now playing: Desertör album test press.

Date: 15-04-2015 04:38:57
New much improved metronome with support for signature, count and more. Open source. Released as Pekosoft Metronome 1.0.

Date: 14-04-2015 02:59:28
BPM Calc 2.3 is out, featuring less bugs.

Date: 31-03-2015 22:44:04
Mastered a Fender Benders concert for Emil Andreassen yesterday. Good Hovlin' of the Wolf rehearsal today. Silentlab and Desertör sessions tomorrow.

Date: 23-03-2015 22:35:50
Quite good Howlin' of the Wolf rehearsal today. We're rehearsing at my place once or twice a week. I'm not super steady on the bass yet, but I'm getting used to play it at least.

Date: 22-03-2015 20:01:49
BPM Calc 2.2 is out now, with support for extremely large numbers and 64th notes.

Date: 18-03-2015 18:07:51
iSpy is out, with SFTP support! :) No more incomplete images on my site. Big thanks and respect to iSpy.

Date: 16-03-2015 13:42:16
Next iSpy release will have SFTP support! :) I got the good news today. I'm currently using Bitwise SSH Client to "translate" FTP to SFTP, that's why there's lots of incomplete JPGs in the stream on the site. Soon we'll have smooth "one photo every tenth second". I have a dedicated account set up for that now.

Date: 15-03-2015 21:41:54
Welcome to the brand new awesome photo player! Took me one and a half year to get the description / credits to display with the photos. The table version will, as promised, stay online too. Finally there's also a new all at once view.

Date: 09-03-2015 18:58:36
Digging through yearbooks, photo-albums and hard-drives for photos and dates and stuff of our early bands. Expect to see some blasts from the past around the site soon.

Date: 09-03-2015 18:09:38
Thanks to everyone at the Fjeldberg Marina gig, including Ronny Stenersen, Mikael Jensen, John Laxå, Dan Jong, Are Grønsund, Magnus Skovly and Emil Norbæk. I felt very welcome. We rounded off the night with a jam. I played the drums a bit. At its best it felt very good. Will have a look at the video tomorrow'ish.

Date: 04-03-2015 20:54:36
I'm playing a short acoustic set with brand new tunes on Fjeldberg Marina before Mickelodeon enters the stage, on Saturday. 21:30. 100 kr. Here's the event page.

Date: 26-02-2015 15:05:02
Here's a fredforfaen track where he resamples from my Rama Project - "Out Of Place" (Polarized) remix.

Date: 26-02-2015 14:58:21
Pivotex - "Rise Above The Sky" (Polarized) now has capture and is included in table.

Date: 10-02-2015 19:56:57
I'm doing some layout for the forthcoming Desertör album, with Jon Manstad. Including modifying a font in FontLAB TypeTool 3. It's gonna be a killer thriller.

Date: 10-02-2015 19:33:29
Light and FX master Håkon Pedersen made this small cool collage from a gig we did. Thanks yo!

Date: 09-02-2015 18:00:22
The web only Pivotex - "Rise Above The Sky EP" is out now. Whilst my Polarized remix was not amongst the three winners, I'm allowed to release it for free download, so it stays on SoundCloud for all to enjoy. Enjoy!

Date: 09-02-2015 04:11:01
Another waltzy Silentlab Sunday at Focus Studios. Here's a couple of photos. Also bpm calc 2.1 is out.

Date: 07-02-2015 02:51:36
If you're up for some double, quadruple and octuple notes and icons to go with that, then bpm calc 1.20 is for you.

Date: 03-02-2015 18:57:02
We picked up Howlin' of the Wolf - "Backfire madness" on vinyl at Tunes Printing yesterday. 200 brown vinyl (150 kr.). 50 white on brown splatter (250 kr.). I'm very pleased with the result. The vinyl has two extra tracks. The splatters will be sold only directly from the band. We're rehearsing approximately once a week, and hope to throw a little release party of sorts. Here's the chief turned pope himself presenting it in Norwegian. Also thanks to my dear sister for lending us the car.

Date: 01-02-2015 21:19:52
With the addition of notes my icons project now has 500 icons. Next up is pauses. Here's a capture from PaintShop Pro.

Date: 31-01-2015 19:40:09
Here's a fredforfaen track where he resamples from my fredforfaen - "Bad Luck" (Polarized) remix.

Date: 31-01-2015 18:04:09
Thank yous to Robert Kiss for a great photo from the first LavfideliskAften event.

Date: 28-01-2015 02:27:39
Added a couple of pages to the play site loop.

Date: 26-01-2015 18:11:16
If you follow me on SoundCloud right now you're number 50. Also reaching 4000 plays today. Thanks all!

Date: 25-01-2015 16:12:50
Took a few photos at The SOUND of Music festival vår 2015. Lots of great strange music. Especially I found Void Of Sound awesome. And DJ En Liten Munn even played one of my songs.

Date: 25-01-2015 14:10:28
"Old Man" (Remington Super 60 cover) out now. Also included on "A Little Bit Of Me - A Tribute To Mr. Remington Super 60", a CD that was pressed in 100 copies and given to Christoffer Schou for his 40th birthday, Friday 23-01-2015. Happy birthday!

Date: 18-01-2015 15:15:02
By popular demand: A page for my Spotify playlists. Just a beginning. Will work lots more on this. Enjoy.

Date: 11-01-2015 15:03:56
And edit version.

Date: 11-01-2015 14:51:56
Brand new track "Unquestionable Love" out now!

Date: 10-01-2015 19:52:13
Howlin' of the Wolf rehearsal today. Silentlab session tomorrow.

Date: 09-01-2015 02:00:59
bpm calc 1.19 introduces MS values for BPM and delay-time as text in a new module.

Date: 01-01-2015 00:03:28
Happy 2015!

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