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Date: 31-12-2016 23:54:25
2016 was a great year in Pekoland. :) Happy 2017!

Date: 27-12-2016 00:00:00
Yes. 200 Instagram followers. Just what I wanted for Christmas. Thanks!

Date: 26-12-2016 02:35:00
Was at Desertör at Fjeldberg Båthavn documenting. Awesome concert. Some captures here.

Date: 11-12-2016 18:50:15
Out now: Promotional clip for Silentlab's debut CD EP "Sundays". Produced by MC Peko. Silentlab is Marie Viktoria Borge-Eriksen. Shot on location at Vesterøy, Hvaler, Fredrikstad.

Date: 04-12-2016 04:29:01
Great gig and party. First photo here.

Date: 03-12-2016 04:51:22
I'm DJ at a private party later today.

Date: 29-11-2016 06:40:19
Been working on layout for the new Desertör single "Christers blues" b/w "En dags pause" all day. Around 80% finished. Sounds great. Looks great.

Date: 29-11-2016 06:34:33
Nice Howlin' of the Wolf concert and release party on Friday. Thanks to everyone involved. Couple of great reviews out too: The Wilhelmsens and VinylKnut.

Date: 25-10-2016 06:45:19
Peko Wear is now on Facebook!

Date: 25-10-2016 06:44:17
Live page is improved.

Date: 23-10-2016 02:35:25
Implemented super awesome table search filter thing. For instance on songs page. Thanks to http://w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_filter_table.asp for the code.

Date: 14-10-2016 16:43:50
Arctica / Antarctica live at So Fxxking Contemporary at Hydrogenfabrikken 29-10-2016 posters and flyers are out on front page and all over town and more. Jonas Qvale will reprise his eminent quest role. We're playing with The Quantum Field Trip and St. Croix Teaterensemble.

Date: 09-10-2016 17:37:32
Two brand new Silentlab releases today! "The Day We Spent In Spain" is the fifth and final track for the forthcoming EP CD "Sundays". This is an instrumental, where we found ourselves recording well known and awesome composer, performer and friend Erlend Gjerde playing trumpet. "The Sea, You And Me" (Polarized). This is my polar ambient remix of track 2.

Date: 08-10-2016 16:08:45
I'm now beta tester for IDM. Currently bugging them about the brand new UltraFTP. Also the loved and trusted awesome text editor UltraEdit. Very exciting. You're gonna love this one when it's out. Never seen an FTP client look this good. That's for sure. Thanks Troy. Great working with you!

Date: 03-10-2016 14:13:02
The Sky's Gone Out - "Tell Me How It Feels" straight in as number six on B | A | M Charts - Die alternativen Charts. Feel free to vote us even higher. In fact, your vote will make TSGO number five! I'm also working on a music video for the next digital maxi release. We hope to have it out this year.

Date: 03-10-2016 14:11:49
Windows 10 Anniversary Update up and running on all three computers at Focus.

Date: 02-10-2016 17:03:52
New song out now! "Break My Rules".

Date: 01-10-2016 06:59:17
Upgraded web-cam with an Exibel USB amplified 5 meter extension cable. Best cable-investment I ever did. Doesn't require external power, just somehow amplifies the USB voltage. This is just USB 2 tech btw, not USB 3, or anything fancy. Cost: 300 NOK. Now you can enjoy pictures from practically all over the studio. Right here on the front page as always. (Also, forget about wire-less for now. That only works on Mars.)

Date: 22-09-2016 23:38:58
Fuzz Pop is now on Facebook!

Date: 02-09-2016 17:18:26
Removed the wonderful blue arrow pointer I invented. Back to the very, very ugly and unlogic hand pointer for now. Kill your darlings. Looking for CSS or otherwise solution. Some of my best code ever: cursor: url(img/pointer_blue.png),auto;

Date: 02-09-2016 13:26:17
We played Oslo yesterday! Wolf at Aye, Aye. Had a blast. Couple of photos: https://instagram.com/p/BJ0gZDVj3Ma/?taken-by=mcpeko, https://instagram.com/p/BJ0gm_6jbad/?taken-by=mcpeko, https://instagram.com/p/BJ1lHXhjLM8/?taken-by=mcpeko, https://instagram.com/p/BJ0tSfZDoEz/?taken-by=mcpeko.

Date: 17-08-2016 03:12:23
A certain test-press 7" is shipped from Eldorado.

Date: 15-08-2016 22:35:27
Internet speed is not finally being increased from 40 to 60 Mbps down after all. NextGenTel said yes, and meant no. Time to change ISP. And get on fiber.

Date: 13-08-2016 16:50:14
Internet speed is finally being increased from 40 to 60 Mbps down. Here's a rant about it.

Date: 07-08-2016 23:25:34
Great gig yesterday. Here are some more photos.

Date: 04-08-2016 00:04:44
And probably the first review. Very nice too. :) About my contributions in Norwegian: "Som støtte til «Tell Me How It Feels» er «The Funeral» i edit og remiks lagt ved. Disse er klippet og mikset av MC Peko (Ole Sørensen), i begge fall upåklagelig gjort og remiksen understreker at The Sky’s Gone Out nærer kjærlighet til både The Jesus And Mary Chain og My Bloody Valentine"

Date: 01-08-2016 02:31:11
Here it is world! The Sky's Gone Out - "Tell Me How It Feels" maxi-single. I've done edit and remix of "The Funeral" (track 2 and 3). And about 1000 hours amount of management-like stuff. Also I sing a bit and play acoustic guitar on the remix. That a-a-a towards the end, that's a complete My Bloody Valentine rip-off, that's me. Blending with Stephan Groth's vocals. Quite an honor this.

Date: 01-08-2016 02:28:46
Velvet Elektra page is up.

Date: 29-07-2016 12:42:09
Additional view mode for the discography: sortable table version.

Date: 29-07-2016 08:00:31
discogs.com/label/120602-Dead-Cool-Records is now less messy. Releases now appear in correct order. Feel free to continue to contribute. Thanks to all the contributors. The level of detail is dead cool mind-blowing!

Date: 26-07-2016 05:17:47

Date: 26-07-2016 04:51:46
Report from Greenhouse Økobar at Månefestivalen 2016 in Norwegian. Fantastisk kul festival i år! Vi var rocke-stjerner på Greenhouse Økobar på fredag og lørdag i hodet mitt iaf. 100 folk hos oss på likt på ett tidspunkt telte jeg og solgte ut mat og drikke flere ganger og utgifter fikk en dekket og endel dans og gudbedre så fine babes hele tiden og mye skryt og fet lyd og digg mat og drikke og vanvittig mye jobb og lærte endel nytt ang bla back to back between cd and traktor og nytt knall-kult og bra anlegg og vinyl og jeg var mer på mic en før og det funket tilogmed og må nødvendigvis vært par tusen som hørte oss når de gikk forbi og tips til artistene og tilløp til bookinger og lignende forespørsler og lekent lys og setting generelt og mye fete bilder og interessant å se hvordan lyden oppførte seg og traff eller ikke traff andre konserter og 2bakk spilte grådig bra med mye hemmelige groovy ting jeg ikke har hørt før og veldig mye kjærlighet og humor og Kong Hoys kjørte sett med kun reggae 7"ere som rocket teltet og jazz-duo konsert med meget trivelige og vakre Johanna Winter og perkusjonister inklusive Odd Rene Andersen var med og det var også folk i alle aldre og ikke en eneste kabel eller noe som helst ble rotet bort og samtidig fikk vi med oss Desertör og Pen Jakke og alt vi ønsket og jeg var nervøs med mer hjemme men derimot lugn og ivrig på jobb og litt presse-dekning var det og været var knall hele helgen og vi chillet ut og koste oss på søndag og møtte far min for en liten lunch og Jimmy fikk jeg skålt med tradisjon tro og litt promotering på Instagram, Face og Twitter ble det underveis og så videre...

Date: 20-07-2016 16:07:23
We're DJs at Greenhouse Økobar på Månefestivalen this weekend! 2bakk, Høyblems, myself and more.

Date: 16-07-2016 11:35:00
Found me a DV-cam and FireWire card. First captured tape is Bronson comet lighter rehearsal at Manstad.

Date: 09-07-2016 02:19:46
Jon presses the Send button at Tono's web site for the final time, regarding The Sky's Gone Out's debut digital maxi-single release! File under wildly epic moment. :) Paper work is done. Everyone agrees about everything. We've put the Fun back in Funeral. This killer three-track could reach outlets in a couple of weeks. (I'm allowed to poke a little fun at Jon, as long as I work tremendously long ours, with extremely hard tasks.) Just kidding. I love you. Actually, I'm not kidding. But I do love you. And so do you guys, so we give you a release _and_ a concert - _this_ year. And probably more. Thanks band, for letting me toast this update to the TSGO fans.

Date: 08-07-2016 23:11:43
Recorded a bass-line for a new Wolf song at Greed Studios. Jan writes incredibly characteristic, strange, groovy riffs. They sound fairly simple. We think. But kinda hard to play. I could never have written anything like that. I'm C x 8, Am x 8, and then if you're lucky you get a tail in F. Jan comes up with stuff like E G# G G F G# G G, then a somewhat floating part that we're working on, then a tail that goes E G G# A#. Crazy. Whilst at it, we upgraded the monitoring setup, with proper, balance, damping, and a passive volume controller. So much better. Great session. I'm very happy to be a part of this band.

Date: 06-07-2016 20:08:00
Latest Polarized remix is fully registered. Thanks to Tono for guidance. Have a couple of more to register as well. Got the Direct Sound Extreme Isolation EX-29 headset. Threw away the old 23 model, that was wrecked. It served us well. The 29 is beyond all expectation. First The Sky's Gone Out digital maxi-single is nearing completion. Looks and sounds awesome. The Sky's Gone Out is also playing with us at the SoFxxkingContemporary gigs with The Quantum Field Trip and Arctica / Antarctica. Silentlab - "Sundays" is coming along great. Our trumpet-dude is on it, for the last track. :) Then this one is off to printing too. Working on Arctica / Antarctica "Vol. 1". Also coming along very good. Live page is messy, but better. Two Wolf gigs and two Arctica / Antarctica gigs announced. Implementing tool-tip on mouse over in all tables, for improved reading. Doing some minor text, layout stuff for Desertör 2, like I did with Desertör 1.

Date: 28-06-2016 14:50:14
Brand new remix! Free streaming. :) Original is the title track from TQFT "Church" digital debut EP. The Quantum Field Trip - "Church" (Polarized). By I, MC Peko.

Date: 25-06-2016 16:19:49
Another great Wolf album review!

Date: 10-06-2016 01:04:44
Fantastic Wolf photo shoot with ShoeTown50 today. Finally we have some really good band photos. :)

Date: 09-06-2016 03:42:52
Great Wolf studio session at Jan's new place yesterday. And a much needed "The Sky's Gone Out" meeting with Jon after that. I have so much to be happy about. And I am.

Date: 02-06-2016 22:40:14
Howlin' of the Wolf - "Backfire madness" vinyl review at The Wilhelmsens. 5 out of 6 stars. We bite!

Date: 27-05-2016 23:53:40
Sold my very first digital copy of the Kiss bands tree. 6 $US is the price. You can buy it directly from me.

Date: 26-05-2016 04:05:27
Great A / A gig at St. Croix with TQFT. Thanks to everyone who showed up! Some name-dropping is in place. Thomas Kleppestø, Kim Kølbæk and Stephan Paulsen of The Quantum Field Trip for having me as warm-up, and letting me polarize their title track, "Church", which was resampled and swirled around in my hour long set this evening. The remix is out on SoundCloud soon. Just need to Tonofy it. Atle Markussen for producing the very first batch of A / A merch, buttons! Are Grønsund for door, money, merch stuff. Torbjørn Aaberg for walking me home. Sjel-Jonas for seeing me live for the first time! Line and Tim of St. Croix huset for extraordinary good rigging. Jonas Qvale for guesting on very analogue physical cool stuff. His melting ice-block was a hit well deserved. Everyone who commented. People had some very interesting input and thoughts. Highly appreciated. Good to have for the continued journey. Kjell Roll for mixing, mic-ing, and then some. Six speakers, in two rooms, made for a rather nice sound-installment. Kim, Ida, Janne, Peri, Lena, Esben Roos, Jarle, Tobias, Dag... Details and links and stuff will follow. Lots of stuff to do... Mixing recording for release now.

Date: 30-04-2016 20:44:51
Great Wolf session today. Esben and Jan presented us (Ken and I) with two new great demo(n)s. We have two gigs booked. Details on them soon come.

Date: 30-04-2016 20:43:02
The Greenhouse 2 years gig was awesome. We have photos out. And video and sound and more details will follow. In the meantime check Facebook and Instagram.

Date: 21-04-2016 23:46:01
What a great rigg and check! Newspaper and photos and stuff from today.

Date: 09-04-2016 00:28:10
GREENHOUSE 2 ÅR Saturday event page and flyer is up. Everyone is highly welcome also on Friday. Two days of music and party!

Date: 03-04-2016 21:02:00
Brand new Polarized! Ludovico Einaudi - "Night" (Polarized) 08:56. I did not meet the deadline, so it was not submitted.

Date: 08-03-2016 10:25:45
We welcome Einar Lie (of Bronson fame) to the Focus Studios building! How cool! :)

Date: 18-02-2016 22:54:41
Yes! My 64 bit WaveLab works again. Keep up to speed with this URL: http://www.steinberg.net/index.php?id=downloads_wl85&L=1. Issues I encountered whilst upgrading: 8.5.30 and 8.5.31 installers say only 8.5. Does not feel good to not be certain of what one is installing. 'Check for upgrades' from WaveLab 8.5 directs users to a page with an 8.0 patch. Have been like this for about a year. 8.5.30 installer crashed and downgraded WaveLab 8.5.0 to 8.0. I'm not kidding. Worked on second try. WaveLab should tell us when there is a new version out.

Date: 03-02-2016 07:49:54
150 typed lyrics online.

Date: 19-01-2016 16:40:08
iSpy fixed an issue with GZip compression. This seem to have greatly improved the webcam. Thanks!

Date: 19-01-2016 00:45:06
New Peko remix out now: Icon Of Coil - "Out There" (Polarized)! Also check out Icon Of Coil on SoundCloud. Awesome band. And super famous. I'm proud and happy to have these great artists as my friends. Thank you Sebastian and Andy for this opportunity, and all the great fun and work we've experienced throughout the years. Respect.

Date: 10-01-2016 17:28:49
Now on Amazon too.

Date: 09-01-2016 20:19:33
Fuzz Pop finally has an aggregator! I chose DistroKid. So now we're all over the place. "Songs For Tina" is the first album out. And the first stores to offer it is Google Play and Tidal. I'll do my best to lower the prices, as I find the standard 1 $ per song ridiculous. I'm also looking into how I can give you all the visuals, not just the front cover in JPG format, of all things. Looking forward to be on Spotify, as I use it a lot. You can often find more visuals, meaning the rest of the sleeve, here on flamencopeko.net. I plan to read up and write more about this aggregator stuff. But for now, time to celebrate. Hello world!

Date: 08-01-2016 19:53:46
The Sky's Gone Out - "The Funeral" music video is out now! Produced, shot, and cut by me. Together with the band of course. I'm so very happy to finally have this one out. Grats to the whole band, past and present members. I could write pages about this production, and there's still more to come. Remix, edit... But let's just hit play.

Date: 03-01-2016 20:38:49
Look mum, I'm on TV! NRK Anno 1700. From the episode that just aired.

Date: 03-01-2016 16:48:25
Out now: Silentlab - "Twice As Old"! Fourth song from the forthcoming EP. Working on the fifth and last track now.

Date: 02-01-2016 22:40:12
MC Peko - "Some Funky Shit". Out now, brand new! Recorded by Knut Ole Ringstad. It always sounds better with Knut recording. Thanks for great input, patience and hard work.

Date: 02-01-2016 07:59:25
Polarized page is up to date.

Date: 01-01-2016 23:02:55
Brand new: Prunk Möbel - "The Local Pinnipeds" (Polarized) 03:08!

Date: 01-01-2016 20:44:29
First NRK Anno 1700 episode is on right now. Free streaming here: https://tv.nrk.no/direkte/nrk1. I'm background extra in two episodes. Also I just spotted our lovely Elisabeth Thorsen in a scene.

Date: 01-01-2016 14:04:40
Happy new year! I've joined Bandcamp. User URL: bandcamp.com/mcpeko. Artist URL: mcpeko.bandcamp.com. Bought the latest Jad Fair album to get started.

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