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X polarized // polar ambient remixes by me // on SoundCloud

This is a remix project of mine. Polarized versions adhere to a strict rule of not adding anything to the original. By that I mean I do not play or sing or add samples on the mixes. All sounds are from the original tune. There is however a lot of processing and manipulation. Pitching, stretching, reversing, reordering, effects and cutting are used to create a cold ambient sound-scape. The original song is meant to be recognizable. Funeral is also a mood often found in these mixes. Requests are welcome. I can provide both mastered and not mastered versions. I'll need separate tracks and the song in highest quality possible, and optionally stems. Only released tunes are of interest. 50 / 50 split of royalties is my standard for this project, but I'm open to suggestions. Original artist and I will have equal rights to release the remix. I'm very open to suggestions and wishes, and will gladly render new versions of your tune until we're satisfied. I hope to have enough Polarized remixes to release them as an album eventually. A spectral visual representation of each remix is also made. These are from iZotope RX. The free and amazing NorthPole plugin by Prosoniq is always used. Photo: Mountains seen from the IceBridge DC-8 during a survey of the Getz Ice Shelf on Oct. 27, 2012. Credit: NASA / Christy Hansen.


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X Xoriginal artist Xtitle Xtime Xcapture Xmp3 Xdate
1fredforfaen"Bad Luck" (Polarized)06:13yeah
2The Quantum Field Trip"Church" (Polarized)07:07yeah
3Ludovico Einaudi"Night" (Polarized)08:56yeah
4Rama Project"Out Of Place" (Polarized)15:00yeah
5Icon Of Coil"Out There" (Polarized)03:03yeah
6Pivotex"Rise Above The Sky" (Polarized)04:24yeah
7Prunk Möbel"The Local Pinnipeds" (Polarized)03:08yeah
8Unlogic Thing"Tomorrow" (Polarized)04:43yeah

Total playing time: 00:52:34.

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