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X tap pad // BPM finder // open source

Use tap button or (almost) any key on keyboard to tap and get beats per minute. We have current, average, difference and taps. Values are rounded. Sound can be toggled. Default is off. Arrays can be toggled. Default is off. Array numbers are not rounded. Reset button is nice when you want to start anew, so the page doesn't need to be reloaded. Visual background representation of numbers is actual numbers, not scaled to fit. If the size exceeds the field length it just does, and will not change color or anything to indicate this. Using site in wide mode should help if you find this horribly annoying. Warning: The sound is very buggy.

XSound XArrays

Current BPM: Difference:
Average BPM: Difference:

Current BPM array:
Average BPM array:

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