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X bpm calc 2.3 // for calculating and visualizing bpm and related values // help // change-log // open source: zip js php

This calculator is for working with beats per minute, delay time, hertz, wavelength, notes and more. For details see help page. Although lots of effort is put into making this tool as flawless as possible, it is presented 'as is' with no guarantee of results being correct. Use it at your own risk.
Version 2.3
Open source. Copyright MC Peko. Some rights reserved.

BPM: BPS: XSound Note: Cents:
Bars: Beats: Seconds: Time:
Rate: Resolution: Channels: Size:
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Modules: XButtons XTimeline XTable XArrays

X Buttons - Numbers are BPMs

X Timeline - Numbers are seconds

X Table - Fields are both result and input
X 8/1
X 4/1
X 2/1
X 1/1
X 1/2 D
X 1/2
X 1/4 D
X 1/2 T
X 1/4
X 1/8 D
X 1/4 T
X 1/8
X 1/16 D
X 1/8 T
X 1/16
X 1/32 D
X 1/16 T
X 1/32
X 1/64
XNormal XDotted XTriplets

X Arrays - The values
Beats in milliseconds (one minute):

Delay times in milliseconds (one minute):


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